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Taking On The Arch Angel, Dark Angel, The Exiled Angel(Orginal Now Viewable) - Poem by Ace Of Black Hearts

I say to the arch angel,
I say to dark angel,
I say to the exiled angel,
I falter not, you can try all you want.
Still I shall sing my silhouette.
Of that which makes me love, me care,
I will never fall into despair.
No matter the poison in the air.
Use the confused as weapons to
attack my unwillingness to surrender.
I defy you in every way.
Even when I worn out my stay.
I will not lash out, I will sit back and take it.
For my sins can be forgiven.
My prejudice can not.
So I will not say what could be said with no regret.
So I say arch angel, I say dark angel,
I say exiled angel I falter not, no matter
what you got hanging over my head,
my soul is not dead,
my ultimate pledge has not been broken.
So come on hit me from every direction.
Its only my life at risk.
No one else, shall be punished for my mistakes.
Yes they have caused great heart break.
But in the end its for the better.
I shall do this alone in the cold and dark.
Still my insides burn.
On fire till the day I die.
So i say to the arch angel,
i say to the dark angel,
i say to the exiled angel.
I falter not, never ask why,
and look to the sky.
For my purpose is unknown
till he decides it should be shown.
Blind faith, is something you cant touch or taste.
Its deep with in under the skin.
Locked within, waiting to be released like a genetic disease.
It doesn't try to please.
It has but only one need, to believe, in that which cant be seen.
So I say to the arch angel,
i say to the dark angel,
i say to the exiled angel,
i falter not, not matter the cost.

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