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Angel On Tom Mboya Street: - Poem by lawrence mute

I met an Angel this very morning
She came into my day on the kerb side of National Archives
As I waylaid mature pedestrians to help me across Tom Mboya
I waved, and waved, and shied, and waited.

Angel touched my hand, she meant to lead across the road
I bent low to say:
'I want to cross Tom Mboya...
'Nataka kuvuka barabara! '

She linked her arm, and we were under way
So startlingly small, so quietly assured

It is Agape itself.
'Let's go, ' says Angel's hand.

Angel's hand feels small in mine
'Mathrii za Eastleigh' boom big and blow fumes
I tower over Angel as we stand on the yellow line
I feel very responsible, but I needn't worry

She chooses her chance calmly; does she play chess?
Quietly Angel leads me across the River Jordan
'We are there, she says serenely
No sense of triumph, a just simple act

I bow low and worship at her altar:
'Where were you going? ' I ask
'Moi Avenue, ' says Angel.
'What is your name? ' I query.
'Irene Chebet, ' she says.
'Irene Cheruyot? ' I ask.
'No, Chebet, '
Says she without demur.

Standard four, I learn -
Was she eight or nine years old?
'Thank you very much, ' I smile.
The school, what school, I forgot to ask
'Bye-bye, ' she says.

I sail towards Odeon
My soul singing cupfuls of rapture:
'I met an Angel, a child Angel, '
I hum, and keep humming to the office

And keep humming as I tattoo this verse
Dedicated to the Angel named Irene Chebet
Who I met this Thursday the fifth of June,
She that restored my belief in humanity.

Cluttering bus, misfiring taxi
You inspire confidence, I nearly told to her.

'To the left or to the right? ' asked the Angel.
'To the right, ' I said.
We cross two small streets
We walk past Stanbank House

She knows where to go, how to guide the blind
A child blessed with wit, bred to be an Angel
Or am I walking a tightrope?
I remember my nursery teacher:

'Look to the left, look to the right, look to the left again.'
And do you remember what your daddy said?
'Never talk with strangers! Understand? Never! '
O boy, would her mother choke with fright for her little child.

'Up, ' she says, 'down, ' she motions.
'We shall cross now, ' she indicates.
Your daughter is not fragile, folks; she's just careful
No! This is no tight rope.

It is pure love, the love of a child
It is hope for the future

dedicated to Irene Chebet

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