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'How Things Used To Be': A Memoir - Poem by Mystykka Mysterious

I remember the times when I was happy. I remember making those long recordings. I remember those never ending days with Grandma that I still have to put up with. I remember that night, the last time I ever played that childish game, but incorrectly. But above all, I remember the very next day…

Twas’ a while ago,
But still leaves me so,
Mourning over the loss,
Of someone in the past.
But now I know,
Forever, must nothing last…
Before that came a day,
As I heard him say,
I will be leaving soon.
But now I know,
I shouldn’t have let him go,
To that certain place.
We should have chosen a different path,
Because now, never again I’ll see his face.
It started on the day he left,
I was not permitted to see,
After the day of surgery,
Which put a sustained chill through me.
Now I know why I couldn’t see.
Forever I’ll hold a memory,
Of how things used to be.
Now he’s gone,
From a bad infection,
That was pointed in the wrong direction.
Now I’m left with only memories,
Of how things used to be…

I will now put in a work in recognition of my papaw, my hero, my present, and my past.

“My Angel”

You'll always be my angel
Of happiness and love
You'll always be my angel
Looking at me from above.

I miss you a lot
And I wish you could have stayed,
But I thought
It's better for you, so I prayed.

And I keep praying
And thinking
But also crying
And leaking.

It was tearing me apart
Before I actualy knew
Through those golden gates
Those angel guards were you.

You were everything
That you could possibly be
And now that I think of it
Why was I only thinking about me?

You'll always be my angel
Of happiness and love
You'll always be my angel
Looking at me from above.

I see
You watching over me
And hear
You speaking to me
I won't
Give up and not care
I will
Move on and be fair.

As I think about you
I might be sad for a while
But as I think again My Angel
I see your happy smile
Smiling down at me
Through the clouds
And through the sky
I've left the ground
And just died.
I'm coming to be with you
And God, too.

You'll always be my angel
Of happiness and love
You'll always be my angel
Looking at me from above.

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