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Poems About: ANGER

In this page, poems on / about “anger” are listed.

  • 325.
    Destined for Failure

    America, she made me see
    she had little dignity, shown
    from a weakness of favoritism.
    She completely exhausted read more »

    Alex Blea
  • 326.
    Cold Weary Day

    Why did you go away that cold weray day
    Why did you make the decision not to stay
    leave me behind to pay read more »

    Tonya Graham
  • 327.
    The Wind

    Like the wind,
    you know it's there,
    but its invisible to the eye.
    ~ read more »

    Broken Angel
  • 328.
    feeling that never been told

    the feeling is just within me
    anger, pain, hurt and frustration
    everyday i'm trying to let it out of my head
    out of my body and just set me free read more »

    nor jihan
  • 329.
    Angry Words

    When we make arrogant sounds
    In anger we spoil something
    Bile and bad blood
    Fill our chest and choke read more »

    samuel nze
  • 330.
    Your Anger

    Listening to the storm
    Seeing anger in your face
    Stomping on the floor
    As you start to make a disgrace read more »

    Free Faller
  • 331.
    0131 A Quiet Word About Peace

    Peace is natural.
    Peace is life-giving. read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 332.
    unnamed prostitute

    her drugs and anger draws her
    restless smile, it is here where she
    find her straight jacket, and the
    openness of a wingless bird, her read more »

  • 333.
    i don't need your......

    I don’t need your anger
    or your hate
    and I sure don’t need your temper
    I have my own read more »

    Scarlet .....
  • 334.

    Inexplainable is her mood
    Undescribable is her mood
    No smile, no frown
    Never up and never down read more »

    Ashley Stone
  • 335.
    Our Future

    A child born with hope, so full of love
    Qualities given from above
    They are born so innocent, so pure
    But born to a world increasingly obscure read more »

    maureen tomlinson
  • 336.

    Anger is a flaring flame,
    burning the senses off.
    I do not know what I say,
    and what I do, I ought not. read more »

    Gaurav Bhaduri
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