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  • 73.

    Pain and Anger are the things
    In which is flowing through my veins
    Knowing that I am forever
    Trapped in this endles web of game
    Knowing that I'll never be the same
    The lonliness you can not measure
    For I can no longer bear
    The pain I encounter as I stay here

    Pain and Anger are the things
    In which is flowing through my veins
    But is that all that is there
    I see a search for love which ends in Despair.
    Let me know i am not alone
    Let me know I have a place I can call home
    Let me know that you are there
    Please tell me I have nothing to Fear.

    Pain and Anger, Flowing through my veins
    Right down to the core
    I dont know if I can take it anymore
    Is there something else
    Or is this the end.
    Let me know I have a friend.
    Am I loved or No.
    Are you friend or Foe.
    Do I have to go through this Alone.
    I guess I do.
    No one is here.
    Because No one cares.

    Pain and Anger are the things
    In which is flowing through my veins
    I dont know how long I can
    Stay Sane
    In this mindless torture

    Pain and Anger
    Anger and Pain
    Tell me can you feel it
    Flowing through your veins? read more »

  • 74.
    Anger buried deep inside me

    My anger is angry.
    Its pain.
    Its frustration.
    Its irritation. read more »

  • 75.

    “D” is synonymous with smile
    So it brings fragrance meanwhile
    Anger is altogether different in nature
    It brings disaster for certain and sure read more »

  • 76.
    A Dark Cloud

    A dark cloud in your anger!
    Of what you could do and could not do;
    But, anger kills a fool. read more »

  • 77.
    a caution to reece kay

    you may consider this:

    we become extinct because of anger, we kill other people's dream,
    we forget read more »

  • 78.
    ♥ ♥ ..SoRrOw..♥ ♥

    My feElings FoR You HAd ChaNged,
    I FouNd iT dEeP WiThiN,
    I'm gEtTiNg WeLL wiTh ThiS PrObLem,
    But ThErE's no oTher WaY. read more »

  • 79.
    0981..... 50 WAYS TO OVERCOME ANGER

    Close your eyes, Focus on breath
    Ask, Am I right? , Affirm, I will not shout
    Speak in lighter voice (Most Impossible) read more »

  • 80.

    I keep it all inside
    I keep it close to my side
    For If I lose it all read more »

  • 81.
    Test Anxiety

    My heart begins to race
    As a sheet passes before my face
    Anger begins to grow
    The fear of faliure begins to show read more »

  • 82.
    Why Do We

    Why do we always hurt
    the ones we shouldn’t hurt at all?
    Why do we when we hurl our anger
    does it always land on them? read more »

  • 83.
    Compassion and Anger

    Compassion and anger were my only love
    Came to me winging like a lonely dove
    Gimme some loving from the Lord above
    Compassion and anger read more »

  • 84.
    Suitable honor

    I do not know
    Where to go?
    And find real color
    For anger read more »

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