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Poems About: ANIMAL

In this page, poems on / about “animal” are listed.

  • 109.

    cloud made of fire
    ocean made of dust
    people are animals
    and animals made of us read more »

    gary morgan
  • 110.
    Animal in me

    The anger is boiling from within
    to quell it i pierce through some skin
    the blood slowly drips
    from the blade in my grip read more »

    precious arroyo
  • 111.
    Plants grow for all.

    Man grows on plants and animals.
    Animals grow on plants and animals.
    Germs grow on all the three.
    Plants grow for all the three. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 112.
    Be Sweet to Bunnies this Easter

    Remember on your chocolate feaster
    Be sweet to bunnies this Easter read more »

    Ken e Hall
  • 113.
    miss treating a animal

    miss treating a animal young or old is wrong
    you can go to jail for it and you injur a por defenslis animal
    so back off it is wrong and crule read more »

    alice litchfield
  • 114.

    To quench his thirst and hunger, read more »

    dr. ram sharma
  • 115.
    My Stuff Animal

    It's there when I need to cry
    Always avalible for comforting
    when im scared he lets me know im safe
    My Stuff Animal never has an excuse read more »

    Nikkie Laye
  • 116.
    The Zoo Director Is Not an Animal

    The animals in the zoo must be taken care of,
    but the Zoo Director who does it is not an animal.
    He's studied the ideal diet of every species,
    but he doesn't dine on hay or raw, red meat. read more »

    Max Reif
  • 117.

    We finished stuffing the animals.
    The work went well.
    They appear so lifelike
    you must look close read more »

    kendall thomas
  • 118.
    45 Causes Of Alzheimer's

    Cause of Alzheimer's
    or Disease of Oldtimers:
    Amyloid plaque blocks the veins
    which feed the brain read more »

    O Anna Niemus
  • 119.
    Zoo Environment Poem

    we cage them so people look in,
    give lion meat so cannibal,
    fresh fish ship from ocean,
    to give to all kind of bears, read more »

    Tommy Laster
  • 120.
    Man destroys more than replenishes.

    Animals fear the predators and flee.
    Man finds ways to kill his predators:
    Man, animals, bacteria and virus.
    Animals kill for food but man for more than that. read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
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