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Her Love For A Pet Lioness - Poem by ASIM KUMAR PAUL

She loves of act in strangeness, in imagination,
She boils herself to be a connoisseur of an animal life,
And asked her husband, “I want have a pet lioness.”
Her husband, being puzzled with her thronging zeal,
Questioned her, “Better I can purchase a dog for you,
And dog is more comfortable for taking care of as pet.”

She does not pay heed to her husband’s requests,
And on more wondrous way, defends her necessity,
Expressing more plethora for love of a pet lioness,
That she wants to hold her cause to establish that
She wants to draw something new in wilderness,
That has a replication on the lioness manifestoes,
And she says to him, she cannot sit in a bathtub
In cool condition to be pretty one for the emancipation
And as she has suitable money in her bank account,
That is financed by her husband’s income,
She has only the consent of the husband to fulfill the idea.

Her husband being vexed with such a taste of life,
Does not question more, and constructed one big cage
In the corner of his garden having a concrete boundary,
That he preserved for making it a lawn tennis ground,
And the new structure is surrounded by steel structure,
And seeing this, she feels happiness, as her husband
Is a God gift to her, and he is right person to be a hubby.


On the first day, she fears to enter the big cage,
Wherein the cute baby lioness is kept with care,
And in the greatness, of her hubby’s choice,
A caretaker old man is appointed to look after properly,
For the baby animal, and this makes she feels gratitude,
As her husband is so caring to her, and her choice to pet lioness.
And she decides to love him more than
What she has given so long in bed and in bathing time.
And it is his turn to seek all these sensation from her.

With the lioness she is so careful with everything
Like its eating habits, its sincere acquaintance with her,
It sleeping habits, its soft flinging paws around her neck,
Its licking her palms, hands, and cute eyes, its looks,
Its sentimental feelings, moving of its tail, its sound of
Breathing, - all are her goodly choice of favorite,
And she passes most of time with the new pet tigress,
And the caretaker man is mainly busy with maintain
All the surroundings inside and outside the cage clean,
And making food, bringing food staff of the pet tigress.

She wants to make her home a paradise
Where pet lioness is the life’s resources of spirits,
As the jangle’s majesty empire need not to stay at jungles
Human being can deal the behavior its delight.
A ground of triumph for coexistence of human and animal,
The extreme of habitation in earth’s bliss of live and life,
Having one breath and one feeling of seasons,
And she wants to discover the life of perfection
And line of pleasure, and she tries to make home’s cage
A nature’s bounty in confirmation of having
Habitat for the young lioness, and she wants to feel
Always an establishment of love and life, more place
For its living in the her close life so that it can feel
The music of its environment of living echo jungle notes,
And a river to make a life for this young animal,
And planting of trees around the cage, and making
Green palaces so that her pet can sleep in jangle’s shade,
A perfect long line, dawn and dusk inhabiting jungle park,
That is build in her house to favor her delight,
And she would request her husband to make a choral sharp,
As if her pet can feel the golden life in jungle empiric counts,
In her home and she does not want to leave the pet alone.

And when she says her desire about making a jungle look
Around the cage, he only says, “For one baby lioness,
It is not necessary, dear. I only say, I love
the fresh woods and pastures, to be around my home, but
let me have my lawn tennis ground as my favorite one.”

She naturally does not object to his love, and stays milder way.

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