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  • 205.
    Hitler And Churchill

    Peter Singer, Jewish animal rights activist, was asked about
    Hitler's vegetarianism and he replied
    'If Hitler had a nose should I cut off my own? '

    Hitler banned vivisection, was a vegetarian, and
    one of his last acts was to release animals from the Berlin Zoo
    during Churchill's bombing


    1. Hitler supplied meat to the German army...
    killing billions of animals for this
    2. Hitler's bombs destroyed billions of animals as well as people
    3. Hitler's tanks drove over nesting birds, toads, sapling trees

    History is full of individuals who can bomb and burn by the billions
    and yet can like Churchill instruct a butler to put a ladybug outside
    or like Hitler love nonverbal beings.

    We are all walking temples of God, whether we are young souls,
    green sour hard fruit, or older souls, sweet ripe fruit. read more »

  • 206.

    Besides poet, people birds, animals too love freedom;
    Lion may be king of jungle but elephant is emperor!
    This big, best emperor called gentle giant is humble
    And accepts to bless devotes, escort Temple deities! read more »

  • 207.

    an animal shelter
    in Caldwell County
    took in 5000 animals
    last year... read more »

  • 208.

    Not yet, the courage will wait
    for the curtain to fall,
    will then disappear in awakening; read more »

  • 209.
    Who Have Done A Great Sin?

    The person who killed a living being, say animal or bird
    The person who has supported and witnessed the killing
    The person who bought the meat of the deceased animal and bird; read more »

  • 210.
    Vietnam's Greyhound Racing Must Cease

    Of all animals, Man is the most cruel
    Vietnam's greyhound racing proves this
    That horrible abuse as a gambling fuel
    And the use of canines for fun must cease! read more »

  • 211.
    Cirrhosis and Sclerosis

    Alcohol can cause the liver's cirrhosis
    while animal fat: multiple sclerosis.
    Animal fat in the brain arteries
    is premature senility read more »

  • 212.
    Travel Haiku - Banff, Alberta

    Banff Jasper Highway
    the only animal out of place
    us read more »

  • 213.
    The inimical

    Animals fight for food.
    Men do for pleasure too.
    Animals hunt for food.
    Men do for sport too. read more »

  • 214.
    Fair enough

    i want a girl that plays the violin, man.
    oh, so well, won’t you know?
    she drives the crowd absolutely mad
    but she’s only playing for me, won’t you know? read more »

  • 215.
    New Animal

    Neither a part of the teeming herds
    nor a rebel without cause,
    Not one who is driven solely by ego,
    the need to slay others in insecure wars. read more »

  • 216.
    Sun Bear

    yesterday at the Oakland zoo
    I was walking alone for a moment
    past the enclosure holding the sun bear
    also known as beruang madu read more »

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