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Poems About: ANIMAL

In this page, poems on / about “animal” are listed.

  • 241.

    What foul animal
    would crawl to your heart
    and there abide,
    bloating your mind with ideas read more »

    Wicked Mike
  • 242.
    The cow,

    The cow,
    The cow is such a beauty animal,
    It's very milky,
    Alot of beef, read more »

    maxpoet beauty
  • 243.
    Kitty Kat now Gone

    I'm sorry about your loss,
    nothing is so heartbreaking than read more »

    Charles Garcia
  • 244.

    There is a rainbow in the sky,
    that is flying up so high.
    It has rows of all colours
    We look at it in wonders read more »

    Divya Dharshini
  • 245.
    Beastly Ideas

    We humans like to think of ourselves
    As being
    Better than the animals
    Smarter, and undoubtedly closer read more »

    Laurence Overmire
  • 246.
    The Talking Animal

    In order to make creation right,
    in the beginning God said:
    "Let there be light."
    He said it like a man. read more »

    Philip R. Garges Jr.
  • 247.
    A Mouse to Man

    A mouse
    is nothing but
    a small
    animal of the world. read more »

    Sandra Osborne
  • 248.

    Could you imagine

    Animals starting wars, read more »

    Christina Sunrise
  • 249.
    Blind Horses

    A blind horse stood among the trees of fortune,
    And hearts leapt for the hearts to live among the apes;
    When we strolled according to ways known to man,
    The animals of water that once could take no liquid read more »

    Naveed Akram
  • 250.
    Animal Instincts

    Lusting, read more »

    Joseph Tanner
  • 251.
    A Farmer's Value

    The worker in the field plays a vital role
    Without him to operate the tractors and combines
    The crop will not be quickly harvested
    Without workers in the field read more »

    Nick Leary
  • 252.
    That Is Why I am Confused

    read more »

    Rebecca Stansfield
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