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Poems About: ANIMAL

In this page, poems on / about “animal” are listed.

  • 253.
    The Royal tiger of India

    </>Stressful chattering of birds,
    monkeys jumping from one branch to another.,
    fluttering wings of birds,
    running around of animals, read more »

    renu Vig sharma sharma
  • 254.
    Animals in Love

    Ride into the night
    on the bed of love.
    Hips rocking
    in a steady motion. read more »

    Krazy Rae
  • 255.
    Dream Place

    Oh! how blessed i would be
    to live in such beautiful country read more »

    Bellaina Bella Hernandez
  • 256.

    Bound to a table
    Poked with a stick
    Treated like an animal
    Treat for a trick read more »

    Andrew Wucherer
  • 257.
    Sound of fire

    The animal in you takes shape
    and transforms,
    the body into animal form.
    The teeth extend read more »

    Kristy Winter
  • 258.

    Like a lonley animal
    Trapped in a cage
    Full of confusion
    Frustrated with rage read more »

    Charity Buckley
  • 259.
    0308 Dylan (4)

    sholam alechem all you mothers
    and don't think your son is so great
    if you could only see him tonite -
    like an animal read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 260.
    The Life of the Phoenix

    The phoenix flies,
    the phoenix soar,
    the phoenix dies, but comes back with more. read more »

    Jack Pheonix
  • 261.
    ! The Wisdom of Toys

    That worn, stuffed bear you hide -
    have not quite thrown away

    is more than your childhood read more »

    Michael Shepherd
  • 262.
    The Messed Up life

    As summer, spring, winter, fall all go by
    Have you ever seem to think of how the world is a 'Y'
    Or how the world is a question mark shaped into a sphere
    And how the question mark stands for why us human beings are here read more »

    Princess Fludd
  • 263.
    I Just Don't Get It

    The animals, the flowers, the insects and all nature in the world,
    Makes me happy,
    But the death of someone I love,
    The death of an animal, read more »

    Sophie Shaw
  • 264.
    Upon the Mountain

    Upon the mountain was steering animal of minor flesh,
    It tasted of the forests, and plants were kingly and fresh.
    Fixed and pained, these creatures leapt onto the moonscape,
    Tilting the axis to risk the whole loving ritual, to reshape. read more »

    Naveed Akram
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