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Chicago Teachers Union To March On Washington In Support Of Travon? - Poem by Luke Easter

First of all, did not 3 Black teens savagely beat & stomp a kid who is White?

On a Public School Bus no less in Florida while the driver watched the fight?

This innocent 13 year old kid received two black eyes and a fractured hand,

No Al Sharpton, no Jesse Jackson but the march on D.C they helped plan.

Of all indignities, The Chicago Teachers Union is going in unified support,

The Travyon killing but not Black murders in Chicago, they should abort,

Because for every 1 young Martin since that fateful Sanford, Florida day,

Hundreds of Blacks in their city have been shot close to 100 passed away.

Does Al’s, “National Action Network” & Jesse’s, “Rainbow Coalition, ”

Really have a united cause or do they only supply Racist ammunition?

Whereas, this White youth viciously attacked by three older Black teens,

Sparked very little if any outrage by these guys seeking support in green.

Donations to the cause are sought online, in church, in person, at rallies,

Nationally, Blacks killing Blacks in the thousands, the death toll tallies,

The four children of Martin Luther King Jr. also will be hosting as well,

Wondering if the senseless beating by 3 Blacks on 1 White any will tell?

August 21-28, is celebrating 50 years since MLK’s, “I Have A Dream, ”

Would Martin not berate those responsible for killing and beating a teen?

The Chicago Labor Freedom Riders bus trip is merely a slap in the face,

School begins August 26, yet some teachers are absent, what a disgrace.

A mass email sent to the entire Chicago Teachers Union, urges a protest,

Attend the march for foreclosures, the verdict, not students doing their best?

“We are marching for Trayvon, jobs, schools, health care, justice & dignity, ”

Ok, should not these educators begin not in D.C. but their own community?

A Black Cleveland RTA Bus Driver left his seat when a girl spit in his face,

But the Black school bus driver sat on his butt in Florida, what a disgrace,

This driver in Cleveland stood up for his rights and he should be rehired,

Yet the coward in Florida who barely raised his voice needs to be fired.

“Highlights the structural racism in our society, ” the email beseeches as well,

May they be referring to the continued attack on the White teen after he fell?

“Mass incarceration of our youth, ” is another of the Teachers Union concerns,

Possibly they’ll begin by teaching respect is only given after it’s been earned.

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