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  • 25.
    Autumn in the Garden

    When the frosty kiss of Autumn in the dark
    Makes its mark
    On the flowers, and the misty morning grieves
    Over fallen leaves;
    Then my olden garden, where the golden soil
    Through the toil
    Of a hundred years is mellow, rich, and deep,
    Whispers in its sleep.

    'Mid the crumpled beds of marigold and phlox,
    Where the box
    Borders with its glossy green the ancient walks,
    There's a voice that talks
    Of the human hopes that bloomed and withered here
    Year by year,--
    Dreams of joy, that brightened all the labouring hours,
    Fading as the flowers.

    Yet the whispered story does not deepen grief;
    But relief
    For the loneliness of sorrow seems to flow
    From the Long-Ago,
    When I think of other lives that learned, like mine,
    To resign,
    And remember that the sadness of the fall
    Comes alike to all.

    What regrets, what longings for the lost were theirs!
    And what prayers
    For the silent strength that nerves us to endure
    Things we cannot cure!
    Pacing up and down the garden where they paced,
    I have traced
    All their well-worn paths of patience, till I find
    Comfort in my mind.

    Faint and far away their ancient griefs appear:
    Yet how near
    Is the tender voice, the careworn, kindly face,
    Of the human race!
    Let us walk together in the garden, dearest heart,
    Not apart!
    They who know the sorrows other lives have known
    Never walk alone. read more »

  • 26.
    September Midnight

    Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer,
    Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing, read more »

  • 27.
    When The Frost Is On The Punkin

    When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock,
    And you hear the kyouck and gobble of the struttin' turkey cock,
    And the clackin' of the guineys, and the cluckin' of the hens
    And the rooster's hallylooyer as he tiptoes on the fence read more »

  • 28.
    Autumn Song

    Now's the time when children's noses
    All become as red as roses
    And the colour of their faces
    Makes me think of orchard places read more »

  • 29.
    My November Guest

    My Sorrow, when she's here with me,
    Thinks these dark days of autumn rain
    Are beautiful as days can be;
    She loves the bare, the withered tree; read more »

  • 30.
    Autumn Perspective

    Now, moving in, cartons on the floor,
    the radio playing to bare walls,
    picture hooks left stranded
    in the unsoiled squares where paintings were, read more »

  • 31.
    When I Heard At The Close Of The Day

    WHEN I heard at the close of the day how my name had been receiv'd
    with plaudits in the capitol, still it was not a happy night
    for me that follow'd; read more »

  • 32.
    Three Pieces On The Smoke Of Autumn

    SMOKE of autumn is on it all.
    The streamers loosen and travel.
    The red west is stopped with a gray haze.
    They fill the ash trees, they wrap the oaks, read more »

  • 33.
    An Autumn Evening

    Dark hills against a hollow crocus sky
    Scarfed with its crimson pennons, and below
    The dome of sunset long, hushed valleys lie
    Cradling the twilight, where the lone winds blow read more »

  • 34.

    They brought me a quilled, yellow dahlia,
    Opulent, flaunting.
    Round gold
    Flung out of a pale green stalk. read more »

  • 35.
    A Song of Autumn

    ‘WHERE shall we go for our garlands glad
    At the falling of the year,
    When the burnt-up banks are yellow and sad,
    When the boughs are yellow and sere? read more »

  • 36.
    The Name—Of It—Is 'Autumn'


    The name—of it—is 'Autumn'—
    The hue—of it—is Blood— read more »

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