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Poems About: BABY

In this page, poems on / about “baby” are listed.

  • 133.
    My Darling Baby

    This is dearly to my heart
    This is for her

    My baby got the sexiest smile read more »

    Grayson Givens
  • 134.
    'My Honeysuckle Baby'

    My honeysuckle, baby.
    Baby, you’re my honeysuckle.
    You’re my Honeysuckle Baby.
    My Honeysuckle Baby, baby. read more »

    Micheal Valencia
  • 135.
    Merely Lust Or Love?

    Oh baby, can't you see
    Just how much you mean to me
    Baby, come with me
    And my love for you you will see read more »

    Amy Parkinson
  • 136.
    But It's your baby too

    When we were makin love
    nights of deep passion
    takin time off work, you too,
    leavin our friends behind read more »

    Adrienne Clark Strachn
  • 137.
    Baby Bird

    She's like the baby bird who was the smallest in the nest
    She tires and tries to stand and fly, with only the help of her small wings to fly. So she just stops and sighs
    When all the while her life seems to be running like the merry go round
    and she cant slow down. She wants only to be like the other baby birds you see. Baby bird dont be sad. You can only have what you can grab read more »

    Autumn Dunkelberger
  • 138.
    Bio Hazard Baby

    </>You’re a biohazard baby
    You became a blood sister
    With the devil
    When you were only three read more »

    Brian Kilpatrick
  • 139.
    my world would be worth giving if the last thing I saw was you

    If today was the last day I could see…oh baby if you knew
    That my sight would be worth giving if the last thing I saw was you

    If today was the last day I could ever hear a sound read more »

    Yaritza Florencio
  • 140.
    baby dumping in the world!

    Mutated flowers and fruits dropp as snowflakes,
    Born mutated human suffer and seek to be concerned,
    The grain that implanted in the womb sucked,
    The fetus formed out of wedlock washed out, read more »

    veeraiyah subbulakshmi
  • 141.
    Baby You Don’t Know

    Baby you don’t know what love is!
    Baby you don’t feel what love is!
    You want only your body’s peace! read more »

    Asif Andalib
  • 142.
    If I could Call Everybody, 'Baby'

    There's only one place right for me
    where you can call everybody, 'Baby'
    where they all understand me
    where everybody's family read more »

    Kelly Zion
  • 143.
    Kiss You - One Direction

    Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like
    We could go out any day, any night
    Baby I'll take you there, take you there
    Baby I'll take you there, yeah read more »

    Mizah Hosea
  • 144.
    All That She Wants

    Inspired by the baby obsessed woman who just birth to 8 little ones.

    to the tune of Ace of Base's All That She Wants read more »

    Ramona Thompson
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