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Baby, Not One More Dime - Poem by Ramona Thompson

A parody of Britney Spear's Baby, One More Time

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That our marriage would come to a end like this
God, what a mess
Oh baby, baby
You should know
I saw you with that ho
And now you're out of sight, yeah
I'm gonna show you how it's gonna be
Telling the judge, baby
Cos he needs to know now
Oh because


Your greediness is killing me
I must confess
I can't believe that you want that much cash
For that
I should kick your lazy ass
Won't be your wife much longer
Oh baby, don't think
I'm gonna be paying your bills anymore
From now on
You can stand by the roadside with a sign
Cos ohh baby, baby
Oh no
No, no, no
You're not getting
Baby, not one more dime

Oh baby, baby
The reason I'm almost broke is you
Boy, you had me blinded
Oh pretty baby
There was nothing that you would't ask for
It's not gonna work out the way that you planned it
I'm gonna show you how it's gonna be
Telling the judge baby
Cos he needs to know, now
Oh because

Repeat chorus

Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know?
Oh pretty baby
I want you to know
I saw you with that ho
I must confess that your greediness is killing me
Don't you know?
I can't believe that you want that much cash
For that
All I'm gonna give you is this
A sign so you can stand out on the side of the road
Telling everybody worldwide
That from me Kevin Federline
You won't be getting
No, oh no, no, no
You won't be getting
Baby, not one more dime

2007 Ramona Thompson

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