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Burn Me Baby - Poem by EmoKid Beyond

Baby burn me come on and light the match.
Burn my skin!
Burn my heart and make me scream in pain as the flames eat me.
I feel the fire getting hotter and it starting to hurt!
Burn my skin!
I can't help, but smile baby.
Your hared for me is burning me alive.
Oh can; t you see my body be destroy by the flame of hate.
Your hate is like a fire and this fire is killing me.
The fire is burning me alive and it hurting me so badly.
Burn my skin baby it make the pain from the inside go away.
I hate my life and I just need to have the flame of your hatred kill me.
I am falling asleep as these flames swallow me alive.
Your hate is like a fire that is BURNING MY SKIN! (oh baby your burning me alive)
I am losing the flames are getting bigger and their killing me faster.
My tears can't fall because your flames are burning my eyes and burning me.
Burn my skin!
Girl your burning me alive.
You were my other half the girl I die for, but no all you do is burn my heart away.
Grab the gas and pour it on me then light that match that in your hand now just dropp it on me. (DROP IT ON ME!)
I cry baby because your burning my heart.(Why are you burning me)
Baby I wish you would put the fire out, but all your doing is make the fire bigger and its killing me.
All you do is play with fire and now I am paying for your mistakes.
All you says is I love you and I know that is nothing, but a lie girl.
Burn my skin!
Darling can't you hear my screams from these flames that are surrendering me.
I told you all my secrets and even gave you a key to my heart, but now here and now my heart is on fire because you pour the gas and light the match now all you see is me screaming in pain.
Baby all you gotta to do is burn my skin.
So me the pain I somehow did to you.
My heart is burning and all I can is let it burn.
Why did you make my heart burn why did you set it on fire.(Just tell me what I did)
girl I am going to say it one more tell just burn my skin!
Burn my skin! (Baby you burned my skin)

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