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Poems About: BALLAD

In this page, poems on / about “ballad” are listed.

  • 109.
    * I Can't Tune These Heart Strings

    They played sweetly all weekend
    Ne'er a bum note
    The song book fully opened
    On each tune I'd dote read more »

    Esra Sloblock
  • 110.

    Setting down with paper and a pen,
    Carefully unwinding my thoughts,
    Faintly hearing myself think-I listen
    And find the tape is somehow caught... read more »

    Romeo Della Valle
  • 111.
    Little Cricket Fame

    Once wrote a few lines, called 'Little Cricket'
    Regarding new found fame, it gave me a ticket
    Speaking of only trivial, little insignificant things
    Yet somewhere hiding, allowing one to dream read more »

    Barry A. Lanier
  • 112.
    Sing A Song Of Broken Hearts

    Sing a song of broken hearts
    And you sing a song for me.
    Sing a song of shattered dreams
    You're still singing in my key. read more »

    Marianna Jo Arolin
  • 113.
    Rhyme of rainbow

    Fifteen days later
    Surely above the Russel lea
    Some changing rhymes
    May be felt….. read more »

    Shiblee Shahed
  • 114.

    I have waited for a hundred years…
    To here you carry deep steps upon ascending stairways
    Only to stop outside my red door
    And knock like you need a declaration. read more »

    Craig Farrell
  • 115.
    and despite my hybrid emotions

    the nightly silence is what
    lures me into dreams
    bare and bidding the thoughts
    keen and careful read more »

    Jason PraTT
  • 116.

    If i had the wings
    i would fly over to you
    your voice sounded like a sweet ballad and a prayer
    your touch was always tender and magical read more »

    Shiraz Murray
  • 117.
    My Village

    I wonder what words
    Can describe the beauty of my village!
    The murmurs of purple mouthed pegions
    From the turrets of the temple, read more »

    Sobhan Kumar Kommala
  • 118.

    Sunk in the misguided of the deep sea
    Trapped amongst the darkness wave
    Whilst the sun denies the morning
    And memories come back, despite had been eaten by flame read more »

    adheez van der beanthz
  • 119.
    The praise

    Never shall I leave the praise unsung
    Of tongues familiar and unknown
    Of foreign nations and my own
    Of fair women old and young read more »

    Néstor Suárez
  • 120.
    Lonely Desire

    Hear the song of a dream, far, must be in raft
    Alone; singing and dancing playing with surge read more »

    Aftab Alam
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