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  • 121.
    Lines Composed In A Concert-Room

    Nor cold nor stern my soul! Yet I detest
    These scented rooms, where to a gaudy throug,
    Heaves the proud harlot her distended breast
    In intricacies of laborious song.

    These feel not musics genuine power nor deign
    To melt at Natures passion-warbled plaint;
    But when the long-breathed singers up-trilled strain
    Bursts in a squall, they gape for wonderment.

    Hark! the deep buzz of vanity and hate!
    Scornful, yet envious, with self-torturing sneer
    My lady eyes some maid of humbler state,
    While the pert captain, or the primmer priest,
    Prattles accordant scandal in her ear.

    0 give me, from this heartless scene released,
    To hear our old musician, blind and gray,
    (Whom, stretching from my nurses arms I kissed,)
    His Scottish tunes and warlike marches play,
    By moonshine, on the balmy summer-night,
    The while I dance amid the tedded hay
    With merry maids, whose ringlets toss in light.

    Or lies the purple evening on the bay
    Of the calm glossy lake, O let me hid
    Unheard, unseen, behind the alder-trees,
    For round their roots the fisher's boat is tied,
    On whose trim seat doth Edmund stretch at ease,
    And while the lazy boat sways to and fro,
    Breathes in his flute sad airs, so wild and slow,
    That his own cheek is wet with quiet tears.

    But O, dear Anne! when midnight wind careers,
    And the gust pelting on the out-house shed
    Makes the cock shrilly on the rain-storm crow,
    To hear thee sing some ballad full of woe,
    Ballad of ship-wrecked sailor floating dead,
    Whom his own true-love buried in the sands!
    Thee, gentle woman, for thy voice re-measures
    Whatever tones and melancholy pleasures
    The things of Nature utter; birds or trees
    Or moan of ocean-gale in weedy caves,
    Or where the stiff grass mid the heath-plant waves,
    Murmur and music thin of sudden breeze. read more »

  • 122.
    Lessons of English

    When Desdemona sang a ditty-
    In her last hours among the living-
    It wasn't love that she lamented,
    And not her star-she mourned a willow. read more »

  • 123.
    A Ballad Maker

    ONCE I loved a maiden fair,
    Over the hills and jar away,
    Lands she had and lovers to spare,
    Over the hills and far away. read more »

  • 124.
    Sonnet XV

    WHEN thy light fingers touch th' obedient chords,
    Which, with a gentle murmur, low respond,
    Waiting the measure of the coming words read more »

  • 125.
    A fine Old English Gentleman

    I'll sing you a new ballad, and I'll warrant it first-rate,
    Of the days of that old gentleman who had that old estate; read more »

  • 126.
    ***Keys Of Memory~6191***

    Plays the keys
    Of my heart read more »

  • 127.
    Lately our poets

    Lately our poets loiter'd in green lanes,
    Content to catch the ballads of the plains;
    I fancied I had strength enough to climb
    A loftier station at no distant time, read more »

  • 128.
    Prologue To Sophonisba; Spoken at Oxford, 1680

    Thespis, the first professor of our art,
    At country wakes, sung ballads from a cart.
    To prove this true, if Latin be no trespass, read more »

  • 129.
    First Rhymes

    In the meadow by the mill
    I'd make my ballad,
    Tunes to that would whistle shrill read more »

  • 130.
    The Ballad of the Cars

    <i>Wardour Street Border Ballad</i>

    "Now this is the price of a stirrup-cup," read more »

  • 131.
    The Song of the Sulky Stockman

    Come, let us sing with a right good ring
    (Sing hey for lifting lay, sing hey!)
    Of any old, sunny old, silly old thing.
    (Sing ho for the ballad of a backblock day!) read more »

  • 132.
    Heart, not so heavy as mine


    Heart, not so heavy as mine
    Wending late home— read more »

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