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Poems About: BALLAD

In this page, poems on / about “ballad” are listed.

  • 205.
    Name Poem: CORAZON

    Croon a ballad as the moon shines,
    …reflecting on us silver lines,
    Or hum a wordless lullaby
    …as overhead thin clouds pass by; read more »

    Ferdinand L Quintos
  • 206.
    The Bride in the Country

    A Parody on Rowe's Ballad, "Despairing beside a clear stream," &c.

    By the side of a half-rotten wood read more »

    Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
  • 207.

    A tearful ballad, torn between the staves
    Like hand-picked knaves you fight,
    No rush to come to aid, to save
    The forgotten foes. read more »

    Owain Pierce Williams
  • 208.


    When to the dreary greenwood gloam
    Winfreda's husband strode that day, read more »

    Eugene Field
  • 209.
    Forever falling


    An expression of anger, ___Into a ballad of love,
    __the meaning stranger, ___sweeter then the stars above, read more »

    Christal Carpenter
  • 210.
    COncerto (Mandolin in the Sea)

    A fellow of mine once told me,
    that the seas magnificent ballad,
    was sung in a Minor D.
    And oh, how the gales fluttered, read more »

    Sebastian Sandok
  • 211.
    Ballad for a Macho Man

    A ballad for a macho man
    Who met an untimely end
    Who sang the song of the swan
    When himself he could least defend read more »

    Kishore Asthana
  • 212.
    Nature's Love Song (a sonnet)

    Nature's Love Song

    Aurora's ballad wakes the sleeping Sun
    and lulls the Moon to fade and sleep by light; read more »

    Dawn Slanker
  • 213.
    A Tender Verse

    A Tender Verse

    Ballads are for mellow beloved
    and praise is for her unmatched grace; read more »

    Gurpreet S..
  • 214.
    Believe me not!

    Recite a pleasant sonnet,
    Present a stunning haiku
    and write a moving ode
    and sing a brilliant ballad. read more »

    Chandrashekar A Posy Poet
  • 215.
    Prince Yousuf And The Alcayde

    A Moorish Ballad
    IN Grenada reigned Mohammed,
    Sixth who bore the name was he; read more »

    Christopher Pearse Cranch
  • 216.
    The Four Children

    A Ballad of Good Intentions

    Four children played by an old oak tree,
    Big John and James and little Benjie, read more »

    Dora Sigerson Shorter
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