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Ballad Of Anguish Ii - Poem by Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson

Can I ever still believe there's true love...
Who would now stand to convince me
That out there is someone special who
Even in your mistake is still willing to see the good in you.
Who can stand to say there is an exceptional one
Amongst the many multitude?

T's the voice of heartbreak;
Weeping on the strings of pain and agony
The travails of Real Love
The decry of a disappointed heart
Weeping in silence of a lost love.

A ballad of anguish
With sorrowful melodies
Chanted upon broken wings
Who ever shall be trusted with love.
What do we to show our heart
Yet our efforts furtile and in vain
In this vain world of mortality.

Shall I not say CURSE BE LOVE if there is?
But LOVE they say is God
And what happens when you love and lost
What happens when you show that love
And you are not understood
Who now can prove the difference?

Will I...?
Shall I ever know?
Far be it to come across such again.
No other I can look with the eyes I saw her
Impostors all'em
Salvagers them be.

Let me take the course
Laid upon the curse
Which my fault is the cause
And to no add be my plause
For real hard I feel the beat of my purse
Echoeing deep in my heart on this clause
Of clustered emotion thus
Like the lost flora in the nature's course

To thee whom I loved.
Thou leavest, be it for good, so be it
Thou returneth, my arms open
But hear thou me;
My life thou hast shattered
My hope thou hast killed
My future thou hast thrown to chamble.
No other shall I love
Let the bleed of my heart upon this Ballad
Be the seal.
For thee I wait but
If thou cometh not,
Then let me die with no love.

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