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A Mermaid's Song - Poem by Micah Krahn

An ancient myth tells of a once great city of Valantis, lain to ruins by the Evils of Aticus, and the eclipsing wrath of the great Poseidon, this ballad tells of the ferocious battle which ensued.

Swallowed by his legendary monstrous irate wrath, He decimated his foes with a unstoppable devastating force, forever entombing their grotesque souls into the gargoyles within the Greek God's domain.A thousand shipwrecks riddle the canyons of Valantis from the Aticus invasion.

In a quiet hidden isle of Shipwreck Canyon, where the sweetest melodies cascade the shallow laughing waves with such simple ease.

Abruptly cut short, the divine assonance suddenly fades away.. A silver glimmering scaled creature looming in the lagoon.A mermaiden. Her silver elegant fish-like tail mystifying her graceful mystique, brushing her sapphired hair out of her beryl coloured eyes.

She intently listens then swims up to the surface for a quick telescopic look.

Gliding up to the waves, she gently treads her long silver tail, then she sharply turns around to scan the waters for any looming threat.

Shadows hovering near the shoals. One.. Two.. Three.. Come into sight. Only a few feet to the top.Air! Barreling upon her, three enormous Aticus titan battleships break the billowing breakers with tremendous and colossal fury.

No time to think, instinct takes over as she dives down to a safe distance, far below the impending gloom, she waits. As soon as the titans roared past, briefly gracing the surface again. Quickly surveying the horizon for any other threatening titans.

Ambiting the horizon with black sails, bringing fourth a seemingly inpenretable titan fleet of Aticus. Impeding the skyline, a thousand ships descend upon the great city of Valantis.

Swimming safely back to her lagoon, accessing the situation and helplessly looking onwards..

Glancing back at her city, she saw a white silverish glimmer shoot up from the heart of the city below and clash the waves above with such a climactic thunderous earthquake that it ruptured the tectonic ground around Valantis spewing out volcanic ash and the fury of ten thousand gods onto nearby titans and as His exasperated voice erupted into ship-splintering treachery with every epic thrust at His command.

Only one deity could have the power to command the waters of the seas to do that.


Arising from the abyss, blindingly shimmering out of the depths, His golden Trident drew fourth and commanded the thunderbolts, endlessly to strike his foes with unbearable skeleton splicing agony.

Twenty thousand souls lost in one colossal battle, twenty thousand corpses strewn across the sea.

As the waters begin to ease and the stormy seas begin to subside, the once great Poseidon exerted his mighty strength upon his foe, with no ounce of god strength left within Himself, He slowly diminishes back into His great, now forgotten holy city of Valatis.

All those men she thought.. All those souls are lost now.

She cautiously darts to the sea-surface, perching herself on a nearby drifting shipwrecked ship piece and, feeling overburdened with great sadness, tears riveting down her silverish scaled body, she lifts her voice unto the heavens, and forlornly begins to sing her mournful song. A Mermaid's Song.

July 4,2013

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