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In this page, poems on / about “beach” are listed.

  • 253.
    The Island

    Craggy rocks,
    Windsweot fields,
    An island bereft of trees,
    Crashing waves, blowing sand, read more »

  • 254.
    On An April Evening In The Fall

    With folded wings the fishing gannets plunge into the sea
    And the nuggety old man with fishing rod was waiting patiently
    For a fish to bite as the incoming waves splashed quite close to his feet
    And each new wave it came surging in as each old wave did retreat. read more »

  • 255.
    Venus Bay

    Not much commerce in Venus Bay the Village by the sea
    But a good place for the working man and his wife and family
    To spend their Christmas holidays and take in the ocean breeze
    And laze away the afternoons in the shadow of the trees. read more »

  • 256.
    Woman In The Morning

    On the beach the gray haired woman she stood looking out to sea
    And as I walked by she turned and with a toothy smile said to me
    It is such a pleasant morning hope you have a lovely day
    And I stopped for a chat to her before going upon my way. read more »

  • 257.
    Sand Castles

    I stand beside the ocean blue,
    The sun glimmering off the wave’s
    I watch the people scurry about,
    Where children happily play. read more »

  • 258.
    Bound For Warrnambool

    The Winter days are at an end though the weather remains cool
    And for the weekend Ken and Joan have taken their children Luke and Kate for a drive to Warrnambool
    To watch the southern right whales with their young calves from Logan's beach swimming in the shallow sea
    A thing of natural beauty and a marvellous sight to see. read more »

  • 259.
    Ebb And Flow

    Words ebb and flow
    on a vast beach of perception,
    and beat a realisation. read more »

  • 260.
    Killarney By The Sea

    Above the beach just before twilight the sea birds they call as they fly
    The saltwater on the sand lapping as darkness is crossing the sky
    The sea spray and smell of fresh sea weed that was washed in by the morning tide
    A freshening wind blow from the ocean and across the coastal countryside. read more »

  • 261.
    Good To Be Back At Semaphore

    Things have not changed that much since I've been here before
    On the wide beach by saltwater the waves lap on the shore
    Cars drive along the Esplanade where cyclists cycle up and down
    And people are out walking on the wide streets of the Town. read more »

  • 262.


  • 263.
    All The Shades of Grey

    When all I have turns to grey,
    Im left with nothing but useless spray,
    don’t pray,
    don’t tell the truth, read more »

  • 264.
    Quite Uncommon Shore Birds

    Their soft piping notes have a beautiful ring
    And above the beach as they fly they do sing
    With orange coloured bills and as dark as a crow
    Their beauty goes with them to where-ever they go. read more »

New Beach Poems

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  73. Beached Upon Shore, Wayne Falconer
  74. Day At The Beach, sherif monem
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