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Poems About: BEACH

In this page, poems on / about “beach” are listed.

  • 301.
    Wild horses [1]

    With their manes blowing in the wind
    they run with open mouths that foam
    and at full speed they turn away
    With their manes blowing in the wind read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 302.
    Ups and downs

    One day on a beach I watched the setting sun
    Feeling down and sore from life’s twists and turns
    Saying goodbye to me with its job done
    The sun quickly sank below the horizon to the west read more »

    Han Min Ohn
  • 303.
    Ron’s With Roma

    He is gone
    To that lone figure
    Half blurred in mist,
    Around the beach. read more »

    Danny Draper
  • 304.
    Good Bye

    My heart froze
    the golden glimmers of the moon
    slept behind the terrifying garment
    of the coven cloud. read more »

    Stephen Kekeghe
  • 305.
    Thanks for the flowers and roses

    Thank you for the flowers and roses
    The message reverberates
    For the flowers and roses you sent
    Everyone tells story read more »

    sherif monem
  • 306.
    Fun ticket pathway 42

    Going walking at the beach.
    I see lots of birds,
    I see lots of water
    and I see some boats. read more »

    Jackie Anderson
  • 307.

    crowded beaches with their stretched out
    sands, theres a wrechge that use to be a
    ship, now it looks like a rib cage, from that
    women and man.. read more »

    david gerardino
  • 308.
    'Miami Lights.'

    Beautiful Women fill the city of Miami Beach Club Lights of Flashing Stars, All those that enter the Dark Night. read more »

    Dwight Drummond
  • 309.
    The Pretty Azure

    I feel and I see the pretty azure In the pretty sky over there When I swim near the golden beach Watching at sunset this lovely azure Hanging like a pretty image that My eyes are able to watch and see beautifully, The golden beach and the pretty azure Make a wonderful picture that stays in My read more »

  • 310.
    The Eerie Night over the Coast

    As night comes on, twilight has gone;
    The sea has crept over the beach;
    The tide washes inland over sand;
    The coast is part of sea but rocks! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 311.
    Two Lovers

    The moonlight rides the waves
    of an incoming tide
    We stand alone on the beach
    locked within one another's embrace read more »

    JoJo Bean, Dodgy Dave and Meggie Gultiano
  • 312.
    turtle teachers


    Having laid her eggs upon a distant beach,
    the turtle hurries quickly to the friendly ocean; read more »

    gershon hepner
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