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Poems About: BEACH

In this page, poems on / about “beach” are listed.

  • 301.
    turtle teachers


    Having laid her eggs upon a distant beach,
    the turtle hurries quickly to the friendly ocean; read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 302.

    ah beba you drive me crazy,
    my brain disconnects from my senses
    when i think of you and it takes me to a world of fantasies,
    a world where i can be with you read more »

    julio anzueto
  • 303.
    The beating of the waves...

    The waves beat on the sand before it,
    Crashing in with a roar and splash,
    Owning the beach for its self
    It owns nothing else then the open space read more »

    Melissa Coventry
  • 304.
    Crowded Beaches

    crowded beaches with their stretched out
    sands, theres a wrechge that use to be a
    ship, now it looks like a rib cage, from that
    women and man.. read more »

  • 305.
    Doctors at the beach

    Dirty needles
    med waste too
    some plastic gloves
    a used tounge depressor read more »

    vincent armone
  • 306.
    Island In The Sun

    The palm trees sway
    under a warm Mediterranean breeze
    as we lay on a golden beach somewhere,
    dreaming that you and I could be, read more »

    David Harris
  • 307.
    Return to Monterey

    Twenty-two ticks gone by
    Wondering till this year why
    I would come back to nothingness
    A joy to visit none the less read more »

    Matt Mondschein
  • 308.
    Night Came

    Night came suddenly
    No one remembers why
    The sun was perched high
    and fell from the sky read more »

    Ludvig Von Himmelstein
  • 309.
    The Sun By Amy Boothby - Age 10 years

    The sun is a beach ball covered in sand,
    Warming up this little land.
    It's been kicked into the blue sky,
    By a boy on the beach, that kicked it too high. read more »

    Ernestine Northover
  • 310.

    those sweet summer days
    we would walk hand-in-hand
    swim together in the sunlight
    and write our names in the sand read more »

    Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler
  • 311.
    Howard Simon

    Howard Simon a young friend of mine
    Walked the sands of of the Virgin Islands in search of prose

    He arrived at acove in a horseshoe shaped beach read more »

    John Shea
  • 312.
    A girl sat on a beach

    A girl sat on a beach
    An empty beach in solitude
    Hundreds flocked around her
    Alone resting on one arm read more »

    chris dawson
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