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What Have We Lost - Poem by Mike Visagie

I watched a child today playing on the beach
Walking, running, digging, laughing
Not concerned about the sand between his fingers
Or self-conscious of his nakedness.
Completely consumed by the wonders of this new world.
So much sand, so much you can do with it.
Look, look, look. Laughter drifting up the beach.

At what point in our lives do we loose this love of life
And start worrying about the sand between our fingers?
At what point do we become self conscious about our nakedness?
I know that running around screaming and throwing sand
Is not nearly as much fun as it used to be.
And God forbid if I was to do it naked!

Is this the way it must be as we grow older?
That we should become more “sensible”
That we should cover up not only our nakedness
But so much more. That living in the moment
Is not only unwise but perhaps even reckless!

I look up and down the beach at the people
Not enjoying the sand but getting tanned.
In designer swimsuits and fashionable sunglasses
Trying to release the stress of months of work and
Dreading the rapidly approaching holiday end

But at least they will have the tan to wear for a while
The photographs to look back at and of course
They will start planning for the next holiday
And the child?

Well I look at him again and it is plain to see
That all he has are these moments. Moments full
Of fun, screams and sand. Not concerned with
How he got there or where he is going to next.
Not conscious of his nakedness or of the gazes
From the adults around.

“Grown-up’s” perhaps longing deep down inside
To be able to play naked in the sand without worrying
About yesterday, tomorrow or what others might think.

Sitting there I am reminded that the present moment is all we have.
The previous moment is gone and the next has not arrived.
With all our adult wisdom we have forgotten what
This child so instinctively knows.

Comments about What Have We Lost by Mike Visagie

  • Rookie - 498 Points Indira Renganathan (6/14/2009 8:54:00 AM)

    So much pondering over a child and a we grow the awareness grows, desire grows...knowledge choose or leave at the heart's disposal...though the mind keeps warning of evil....good write (Report) Reply

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