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Poems About: BEAUTIFUL

In this page, poems on / about “beautiful” are listed.

  • 157.

    read more »

    Nalaysia vizcarrondo
  • 158.

    inside and out deep who you are you are beautiful
    the words of what haters say does not matter
    you are beautiful
    no reason for tears you are beautiful read more »

    Marie Ross
  • 159.
    truly beautiful

    True beauty is inside her
    True beauty is unseen
    Truly beautiful is how she feels
    Truly beautiful is not mean read more »

    briit (aka)caprii
  • 160.
    A beautiful bird that got away

    Help me cry for the beautiful bird
    So full of life and spotless in nature
    Help me cry for the beautiful bird
    The one who found refuge and treat me with pleasure read more »

    Funmbi Aransiola
  • 161.
    So Beautiful

    The way her lips poked out from her face, so beautiful
    The way her hair laid across her face
    Just those few strades of hair would do it
    So beautiful read more »

    Ardimus Caldwell
  • 162.
    You Are So Beautiful

    You are so beautiful
    You make the flowers bloom
    Into a beautiful roses read more »

    Darwin Laurence G. Vergara
  • 163.
    Words and Beauty

    It is beautiful to talk about beautiful things
    And even more beautiful to silently gaze at them.

    It is beautiful to express love read more »

    Dejan Stojanovic
  • 164.

    It’s beautiful how the sun sets on a warm spring day,
    or the smell of money on your payday.
    It’s beautiful how you touch my mocha skin ever so softly,
    Or the way you treat me ever so gently. read more »

    jasmine banahi
  • 165.
    something beautiful

    someting beautiful
    like a kiss without any shame
    a flower that dont look the same
    something beautiful read more »

    alexxisandra beauxx
  • 166.
    Beautiful Night

    i slipped away last night
    came to see you under a moonlit sky
    the way the stars glistened in your eyes
    oh, what a beautiful sight read more »

    Andrew Leone
  • 167.
    Today & Tomorrow

    Today is beautiful
    So is tomorrow
    Today I borrow tomorrow I sorrow
    today is beautiful, beautiful to me beautiful than the things I see read more »

    SeQuoia Brown
  • 168.
    a beautiful mind

    a beautiful mind is a loving mind
    words as
    anger, filth, dirt, sordid, squalid,
    hate, indifference, murder read more »

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