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'' Why Do I Love You? '''' - Poem by ramasamy sebastien

Waouhhh! What a harsh question i would have say years ago, because in the past someone have asked this question and i was freezed and stoned, i had no answer to give nothing to say, i was just out of words, because there was no love so how can you reply where love doesnt exist.

But last night the girl for who i feel had asked me ''why do you love me? '', i have replied by giving a lot of reasons about her qualities, her beauty and all that. And am sorry girl for that because that not a reply to an important question like that. Now i will tell you why i love you, i dont know if it will change something but it the reply of my heart to you.

Girl i know that a lof of guys have tell you these words, and that am not the first one and not the last also. But these three words for me do not have the same meaning, because the are important, and must be pure, be sincere and must come from the heart! You know i almost not believe in love because like you i have got my deceipts in it, but if someday i must have a love story it will be not like a girl like you but it will be with you, the way i feel for you i had never felt it before for any girl in my life, i think of you everything, i care for you, when you talk with me i feel good, i smile things i have not done till years.

But for now i will try to use words to explain you, why I Love U, even if words are not enough to explain this feeling. i love you for many resons like your personality, you are someone nice, fragile, sensible, touching, loving, adorable, funny and charming.
i love you because you are a beautiful woman, i know you dont feel beautiful, but to my eyes you are the most beautiful woman in the world. i love yours eyes, they are deep i can see your feelings and sadness in them, i love your beautiful hair, i love your cute smile even if you dont smile so often i wish that someday i could see a real smile on your face, am sure that with a real smile you must be a beautiful woman, and i i saw that a day i will melt for you and i will be happy.

I love you because you touched me not by your life story but by your human nature, i understand you, i got a connection with tou that i dont have with no-one on this earth, its like that you and me are the same person, we think the same and our beliefs in love and life are the same, i say you thank you for that because i know now that am not alone here.

You know girl i could write beautiful poems and notes with touching words to explain you why am loving you but these are just beautiful words, and i dont want to fool you with these kinds of words, my love for you may not be bigger than an another man, maybe i dont deserve you, maybe am not made for you, its okay i dont mind am just a man who is in love with an angel who is perfect to his eyes, even if my love is not enough to deserve you, my love is only a true one and real one, because am not that kind of man who is flirting with you to get your love and after break your heart in pieces, i cant do that if i break your heart am breaking mine and i loves and respect you too much to do something like that.

There is a lot reasons why am loving you, but the main is because it's my heart who loves you, you have enter in my heart and i dont think you will get out of it one!

i know that you dont have the same feeling for me and maybe think that am crazy! i will say the lyrics of a song to explain what i feel ''tu m'aimes bien, je t'aime tout court, la difference s'appelle l''amour! ''.
i know its hard words its the truth, you know whe i think of you i say man you dont deserve a girl like that and even less her love, because she deserves more, she deserve to be loved, to kiss and hug each day, she deserve to smile, she deserve to be happy, she deserve that someone make her feel that she is beautiful, she deserve that a man tell her each day 'i love U'', and i dont know if i can be this man, because i wont lie to you and wont lie to me also, am far from perfect, am a sad personwho knows only sadness and pains in his life and compare to your qualities i have lots of defaults, i know you will say no that i have a lot of qualities and that am wrong, but no girl, am not that good person, me too in my life i have got pains, and that made me become a bitter man, with a dark heart, am not a good person inside, my thoughts are negative, am just not that kind, even if with you am different and am caring with others am not like that, even if i know am not that dark inside i dont do anything to let other people enter in my life, thats why not i dont have a lot of friends, i dont trust no one and its sad!

Now i will finish by saying that my feelings for you are real n true, even if its unbelievable i LOVE YOU as i have never love before, you are like my soul-mate and if all of that is not love then love does not exist for me! And i also know that you don't want to fall in love because you don't want to be hurt, i understand that, even if i may dream my heart is keeping a hope that someday maybe you will feel the same but maybe it's just a dream and that with time i will be erase of your life and that in thirty or fourty years you will think back of me and remember that i loved you long ago, but anyway what will happen to this love for you does not matter as long you are happy in life and love.

i hope tha'ts a better answer to your question i don't know how you will react but take it as it is because its only the truth! :)

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