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  • 37.
    From 'The Testament of Beauty'

    'Twas at that hour of beauty when the setting sun
    squandereth his cloudy bed with rosy hues, to flood
    his lov'd works as in turn he biddeth them Good-night;
    and all the towers and temples and mansions of men
    face him in bright farewell, ere they creep from their pomp
    naked beneath the darkness;- while to mortal eyes
    'tis given, ifso they close not of fatigue, nor strain
    at lamplit tasks-'tis given, as for a royal boon
    to beggarly outcasts in homeless vigil, to watch
    where uncurtain's behind the great windows of space
    Heav'n's jewel'd company circleth unapproachably-
    'Twas at sunset that I, fleeing to hide my soul
    in refuge of beauty from a mortal distress,
    walk'd alone with the Muse in her garden of thought,
    discoursing at liberty with the mazy dreams
    that came wavering pertinaciously about me; as when
    the small bats, issued from their hangings, flitter o'erhead
    thru' the summer twilight, with thin cries to and fro
    hunting in muffled flight atween the stars and flowers.
    Then fell I in strange delusion, illusion strange to tell;
    for as a man who lyeth fast asleep in his bed
    may dream he waketh, and that he walketh upright
    pursuing some endeavour in full conscience-so 'twas
    with me; but contrawise; for being in truth awake
    methought I slept and dreamt; and in thatt dream methought
    I was telling a dream; nor telling was I as one
    who, truly awaked from a true sleep, thinketh to tell
    his dream to a friend, but for his scant remembrances
    findeth no token of speech-it was not so with me;
    for my tale was my dream and my dream the telling,
    and I remember wondring the while I told it
    how I told it so tellingly. And yet now 'twould seem
    that Reason inveighed me with her old orderings;
    as once when she took thought to adjust theology,
    peopling the inane that vex'd her between God and man
    with a hierarchy of angels; like those asteroids
    wherewith she later fill'd the gap 'twixt Jove and Mars.
    Verily by Beauty it is that we come as WISDOM,
    yet not by Reason at Beauty; and now with many words
    pleasing myself betimes I am fearing lest in the end
    I play the tedious orator who maundereth on
    for lack of heart to make an end of his nothings.
    Wherefor as when a runner who hath run his round
    handeth his staff away, and is glad of his rest,
    here break I off, knowing the goal was not for me
    the while I ran on telling of what cannot be told.

    For not the Muse herself can tell of Goddes love;
    which cometh to the child from the Mother's embrace,
    an Idea spacious as the starry firmament's
    inescapable infinity of radiant gaze,
    that fadeth only as it outpasseth mortal sight:
    and this direct contact is 't with eternities,
    this springtide miracle of the soul's nativity
    that oft hath set philosophers adrift in dream;
    which thing Christ taught, when he set up a little child
    to teach his first Apostles and to accuse their pride,
    saying, 'Unless ye shall receive it as a child,
    ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.'
    So thru'out all his young mental apprenticehood
    the child of very simplicity, and in the grace
    and beauteous attitude of infantine wonder,
    is apt to absorb Ideas in primal purity,
    and by the assimilation of thatt immortal food
    may build immortal life; but ever with the growth
    of understanding, as the sensible images
    are more and more corrupt, troubled by questioning thought,
    or with vainglory alloy'd, 'tis like enought the boy
    in prospect of his manhood wil hav cast to th' winds
    his Baptism with his Babyhood; nor might he escape
    the fall of Ev'ryman, did not a second call
    of nature's Love await him to confirm his Faith
    or to revoke him if he is whollylapsed therefrom.
    And so mighty is this second vision, which cometh
    in puberty of body and adolescence of mind
    that, forgetting his Mother, he calleth it 'first Love';
    for it mocketh at suasion or stubbornness of heart,
    as the oceantide of the omnipotent Pleasur of God,
    flushing all avenues of life, and unawares
    by thousandfold approach forestalling its full flood
    with divination of the secret contacts of Love,--
    of faintest ecstasies aslumber in Nature's calm,
    like thought in a closed book, where some poet long since
    sang his throbbing passion to immortal sleep-with coy
    tenderness delicat as the shifting hues
    that sanctify the silent dawn with wonder-gleams,
    whose evanescence is the seal of their glory,
    consumed in self-becoming of eternity;
    til every moment as it flyeth, cryeth 'Seize!
    Seize me ere I die! I am the Life of Life.'
    'Tis thus by near approach to an eternal presence
    man's heart with divine furor kindled and possess'd
    falleth in blind surrender; and finding therewithal
    in fullest devotion the full reconcilement
    betwixt his animal and spiritual desires,
    such welcome hour of bliss standeth for certain pledge
    of happiness perdurable: and coud he sustain
    this great enthusiasm, then the unbounded promise
    would keep fulfilment; since the marriage of true minds
    is thatt once fabled garden, amidst of which was set
    the single Tree that bore such med'cinable fruit
    that if man ate thereof he should liv for ever.
    Friendship is in loving rather than in being lov'd,
    which is its mutual benediction and recompense;
    and tho' this be, and tho' love is from lovers learn'd,
    it springeth none the less from the old essence of self.
    No friendless man ('twas well said) can be truly himself;
    what a man looketh for in his friend and findeth,
    and loving self best, loveth better than himself,
    is his own better self, his live lovable idea,
    flowering by expansion in the loves of his life.
    And in the nobility of our earthly friendships
    we hav al grades of attainment, and the best may claim
    perfection of kind; and so, since ther be many bonds
    other than breed (friendships of lesser motiv, found
    even in the brutes) and since our politick is based
    on actual association of living men, 'twil come
    that the spiritual idea of Friendship, the huge
    vastidity of its essence, is fritter'd away
    in observation of the usual habits of men;
    as happ'd with the great moralist, where his book saith
    that ther can be no friendship betwixt God and man
    because of their unlimited disparity.
    From this dilemma of pagan thought, this poison of faith,
    Man-soul made glad escape in the worship of Christ;
    for his humanity is God's Personality,
    and communion with him is the life of the soul.
    Of which living ideas (when in the struggle of thought
    harden'd by language they became symbols of faith)
    Reason builded her maze, wherefrom none should escape,
    wandering intent to map and learn her tortuous clews,
    chanting their clerkly creed to the high-echoing stones
    of their hand-fashion'd temple: but the Wind of heav'n
    bloweth where it listeth, and Christ yet walketh the earth,
    and talketh still as with those two disciples once
    on the road to Emmaus-where they walk and are sad;
    whose vision of him then was his victory over death,
    thatt resurrection which all his lovers should share,
    who in loving him had learn'd the Ethick of happiness;
    whereby they too should come where he was ascended
    to reign over men's hearts in the Kingdom of God.
    Our happiest earthly comradeships hold a foretaste
    of the feast of salvation and by thatt virtue in them
    provoke desire beyond them to out-reach and surmount
    their humanity in some superhumanity
    and ultimat perfection: which, howe'ever 'tis found
    or strangeley imagin'd, answereth to the need of each
    and pulleth him instinctivly as to a final cause.
    Thus unto all who hav found their high ideal in Christ,
    Christ is to them the essence discern'd or undeiscern'd
    of all their human friendships; and each lover of him
    and of his beauty must be as a bud on the Vine
    and hav participation in him; for Goddes love
    is unescapable as nature's environment,
    which if a man ignore or think to thrust it off
    he is the ill-natured fool that runneth blindly on death.
    This Individualism is man's true Socialism.
    This is the rife Idea whose spiritual beauty
    multiplieth in communion to transcendant might.
    This is thatt excelent way whereon if we wil walk
    all things shall be added unto us-thatt Love which inspired
    the wayward Visionary in his doctrinal ode
    to the three christian Graces, the Church's first hymn
    and only deathless athanasian creed,--the which
    'except a man believe he cannot be saved.'
    This is the endearing bond whereby Christ's company
    yet holdeth together on the truth of his promise
    that he spake of his grat pity and trust in man's love,
    'Lo, I am with you always ev'n to the end of the world.'
    Truly the Soul returneth the body's loving
    where it hath won it...and God so loveth the world...
    and in the fellowship of the friendship of Christ
    God is seen as the very self-essence of love,
    Creator and mover of all as activ Lover of all,
    self-express'd in not-self, mind and body, mother and child,
    'twixt lover and loved, God and man: but ONE ETERNAL
    in the love of Beauty and in the selfhood of Love. read more »

  • 38.

    Oh, Beauty, passing beauty! sweetest Sweet!
    How canst thou let me waste my youth in sighs;
    I only ask to sit beside thy feet. read more »

  • 39.
    Flying at Night

    Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations.
    Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies
    like a snowflake falling on water. Below us,
    some farmer, feeling the chill of that distant death, read more »

  • 40.
    Beauty Supply

    Sheaves of wheat in cement relief
    Supply the beauties of Archer Ave.
    Past the scaffolded brick church spire
    We turn on the vacant corner lot read more »

  • 41.
    A Lady

    You are beautiful and faded
    Like an old opera tune
    Played upon a harpsichord;
    Or like the sun-flooded silks read more »

  • 42.
    The Eye of My Eye

    By whose touch does the lily smile
    And open its beauty - bud?
    Whose moonlit beauty read more »

  • 43.
    This World is Full of Beauty

    There lives a voice within me, a guest-angel of my heart,
    And its sweet lispings win me, till the tears a-trembling start;
    Up evermore it springeth, like some magic melody, read more »

  • 44.
    My People

    The night is beautiful,
    So the faces of my people.

    The stars are beautiful, read more »

  • 45.

    Honesty is beautiful
    Kindness is beautiful
    Intelligence is beautiful
    Talent is beautiful read more »

  • 46.

    I am beautiful
    Not only because of the curve of my hips
    Or the shape of my body
    Not only because of the fullness of my lips read more »

  • 47.
    Beauty, inside and out

    I am black
    I am beautiful
    inside and out read more »

  • 48.
    Because You're Beautiful

    Because you’re Beautiful
    This poem’s addressed
    To you
    Because you’re beautiful read more »

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