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My Sweet Beautiful Angel - Poem by Michael P. McParland

My sweet beautiful Angel
I'm so tired on this morn
but I'll be up yet a while longer
and I'll smile as I dream of you
sending all my love and warmth,
sweet kisses and hugs as well
to fill you with the strength and peace
you so deeply truly deserve.
My sweet beautiful Angel I am here for you.

My sweet beautiful Angel I adore you so
and would give anything to have you here,
so tightly wrapped within my arms
and sharing sweet kisses in our caring love.
My sweet beautiful Angel I give my heart,
my soul, my whole life to you.
My sweet Kira you are so very good,
a diamond in the rough and a jewel so very rare.
My sweet beautiful Angel I want to marry you.

My sweet beautiful Angel all my sweetest dreams
are of me and you.
I just want to hold you close and comfort you,
soothe and heal your aching heart filling you with peace,
I want to show you how much you're loved
and how I truly care for you.
My sweet beautiful Angel I would give up my whole life
just to take care of you in every way because I love you so much.
My sweet beautiful Angel I just want to have you here.

My sweet beautiful Angel I send all my love to you
and I hope to have you in my arms so very so.
To give you kisses oh so sweet and feel your
love as you're near to me.
To give you all my endless love and treat you like my Queen,
my sweet beautiful one I just want to have you near
because each day I love you more.
My sweet Kira so very beautiful you're all I want and need.

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