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Most Beautiful One - Poem by Buddy Bee Anthony

Tell me why isn't there any more room left in your heart
Most beautiful one of them all
when you can't be found
the whole world falls apart
most beautiful one of them all
It would sadden me greatly
like bridesmaids or daisies
if you told me you loved me not
I wouldn't get my fill
I would have lost my free will
to the most beautiful one of them all

I'd send a quick cable
as soon as I'm able

most beautiful one of them all
In it I'd tell you I'm fine
while losing my mind to the
most beautiful one of them all
for a peck on the lips

that was one heck of a kiss
I thought I'd felt everything
til I felt this
Whatever the stakes
I just can't resist
the most beautiful one of them all

Nearly died by the phone
awaiting your call
Most beautiful one of them all
Where there could be a door
there's no entrance at all
Most beautiful one of them all
though shaken and nervous
I'm still blood thick in your service
where but here
could this have led
from the start
When I tried walking your horses
before hitching the cart
to the most beautiful one of them all

Is that why there isn't any more room left in your heart
Most beautiful one of them all
My one and my only
must we be apart
most beautiful one of them all

No other so right
I'd rather lose than not fight
for your sunspots
of neon star shine
at moonlight
You are what always and still gets me
through cold lonely nights
most beautiful one of them all

Chorus Not Included

G. Buddy Bercu
AKA Buddy Bee Anthony

Buddy Bee Anthony

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