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Beauty - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

Learned poets have said “beauty is to enjoy”
Like fresh flowers always give you joy
Don’t attempt to pluck or destroy
Not to play with it as simple toy

Thing of beauty is joy for ever
Ever lasting and fading never
Liked by eyes and smelt by nose
Fresh fragrance of flower always like rose

Is beauty confined to physical appearance?
Does inner beauty find no substance?
Is that looking so important and imposing?
No matter whether it denied or trust reposing?

Beauty not to be taken from sex point of view,
It is acknowledgement of grace and dews
what matters most is simple praise and fact?
Leaving behind all games and not to look suspect

Even God is given another name for beauty
Universal acknowledgement for kindness but not pity
We al raise out hands for its grace
Meet all with happiness and embrace

There lies beauty in all the objects around
Happiness and joy is everywhere found
This speaks good and seems so sound
Love spell all over and relations are bound

It may not spread hatred but only brotherhood
It may not confine to area or only neighborhood
It has its own role to play and not hide
Everything so open and nothing to confide

History may not repeat that the bloody wars were fought
Beauty has always ruled and cooperation sought
Queens, princess were married for the sake of peace
Not to shed blood but for stability and life at ease

We may not undermine the essence of beauty
Protect it from further harm and consider it as duty
Let us praise and preserve it as God’s gift
No fight, no tension and with out any rift

We may not get chance to prove anywhere
There is slight ray of hope somewhere
It is always to be seen and understood
Love serves as supplement to energy and food

No one has been able to define what is love?
What is its origin and how it affects nerve?
Why person loose concentration and go for it
Why path is clearly seen even if path is dimly lit

Love is simple way of leading and sacrificing
It is got no comparison or tag for pricing
It happens just with the change of time and place
There is no room for competition or mad race

We shall see to it that it mushrooms
All flowers open up with booms
Fragrance add to beautiful scene
Nature at its best peak never seen

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