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Poems About: BEAUTY

In this page, poems on / about “beauty” are listed.

  • 265.
    chaos, order, chaos, beauty and ugliness...

    beauty must a purpose
    have, for instance beauty that
    gives peace and
    harmony to the world, read more »

  • 266.
    Stunning Beauty

    Stunning beauty, stunning beauty,
    You're my lil cutie.
    Stunning beauty, stunning beauty
    I love how you make me go mutey. read more »

    Eric Garner
  • 267.

    LET us sing the praise of Beauty,
    For the earth is beautiful,
    And the stars are full of beauty
    And the skies of stars are full. read more »

    William Billington
  • 268.

    They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
    But wouldn’t that make beauty more like a mirror,
    All you see is a reflection of what you could be,
    For many, what you want to be. read more »

    Thomas Vaudin
  • 269.
    If Beauty Was Earned

    If beauty was earned by caring,
    you could not be more beautiful.
    If beauty was earned by strength of spirit,
    you could not be more beautiful. read more »

    Robert Hiers
  • 270.
    Beauty Fades Away

    There is one thing I want but never had.
    I can not buy it and I am so sad.
    Mother would have given it to me,
    I know, read more »

    Lillian M. Lewis
  • 271.
    When My Heart missed a beat

    While walking though the land of solitary pastures
    from one meadows to another filled with rapture
    Nature at such a perfection i thought it never was
    splendid beauty spread though miles without a flaws read more »

    Dave Tanwar
  • 272.
    Of This You Can Be Sure

    The summer sun rises over the hills,
    With a beauty and certain grace,
    But it cannot compete with the beauty of you,
    Or the beauty of your face. read more »

    Alan W. Jankowski
  • 273.
    my beauty hides

    my beauty hides behind walls and lies.
    she calls out but quites as the blade presses against my thighs.
    my beauty hides behind mistakes and tears.
    she smiles and pretends but she cant awake from her worst fears. read more »

    julie lopez
  • 274.
    When Beauty Said Goodbye

    At twenty one she is a physically perfect being
    No words can ever tell of her beauty
    That has no parallel
    She is the object of men’s’ fantasies read more »

    bancroft boreland
  • 275.

    Red, fresh skin alluring
    Casting shadows of dark beauty
    The look of the body creates
    Salivation leading you to desire read more »

    Rose Marie Cook
  • 276.
    A Beauty in Love

    </>Act of love always flourishes joy!
    Cheerful activity creates beauty
    And a thing of beauty is a joy ever! read more »

    Ramesh T A
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