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Poems About: BEAUTY

In this page, poems on / about “beauty” are listed.

  • 73.

    Is beauty woman?
    Is beauty Art?
    Is beauty Nature?
    Man explores beauty read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 74.
    Formula Of Beauty

    It is not enough
    To see a honeycomb

    Or a sunflower
    Though they are very nice to behold read more »

    Abdul Wahab
  • 75.

    the sky's beauty
    is seen when the world is sleeping
    the mind's beauty
    is seen when the man is sleeping read more »

    Samanyan Lakshminarayanan
  • 76.
    your beauty

    your beauty is a big world its space is you
    your beauty is a sky its moon is you
    your beauty is a paradise its angel is you
    your beauty is a garden its flower is you read more »

    sam ggg
  • 77.

    Most people find beauty in looks,
    But I find beauty from the written words in books.
    I find beauty in the sun set and sun rise.
    I find beauty in three small dog's eyes. read more »

    Sam Price
  • 78.

    Beauty is beyond looks
    Beauty is beyond personality
    Beauty is beyond pretty hair
    Beauty is beyond smarts read more »

    edowaye omorogbe
  • 79.
    What is Beauty?

    What is beauty?
    Is it sexy?
    Is it hot?
    Is it fine? read more »

    Serah Regnier
  • 80.

    I see beauty in the night
    Graceful is the sight
    As the moon floats
    Amidst oceans of stars read more »

    Jubril Balogun
  • 81.

    thou art the fairest of all
    thou art my beauty at the mall
    thy picture always painted on the wall
    thy beauty is always as i might recall read more »

    umoh cyril
  • 82.
    Prophecy Of The Children

    it matters not
    if I be youth
    or if I be age read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 83.
    Beauty Finds Truth In Beauty

    Beauty finds beauty in beauty,
    Narrowness is barred there to peep,
    Conventions’ scales, cry in Time’s ashes, read more »

    Ray Subrata Ray
  • 84.
    I dream

    I dream of beauty, an image of such wonderful beauty.
    No garden of roses could match the beauty I see.
    No sculpture, no painting could capture such beauty I dream.
    Only the angels in heaven could have greater beauty I dream. read more »

    Timothy Honeycutt
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