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Poems About: BELIEVE

In this page, poems on / about “believe” are listed.

  • 217.

    I believe in life everlasting. No one dies even when they're not whole.
    I believe you get what you pay for. I believe the eyes are the windows to the soul.
    I believe it's really not okay to end a relationship with an email.
    I believe it's bad karma to laugh at others when they fail. read more »

    Michaelpoetry Ryan
  • 218.
    Too Far Isn't Far Away

    Too far I thought was the place
    Where I wanted to go
    Far away. read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 219.
    The Body

    I believe in Holy Moments
    I believe in the spirit that resides in all of us
    And I believe in the heart and the soul.
    I believe in the hope that pours out of our eyes, read more »

    francesca zumbo
  • 220.
    Stallions Hope

    I believe that horses can heal,
    I believe that their hearts feel all that we feel,
    I believe that the joy from riding is real,
    I believe that horses really can heal. read more »

    Sandra Osborne
  • 221.
    believe me.. love you....

    believe me.. love you.... read more »

    hazem al jaber
  • 222.
    Haluk's Credo

    There is a universal power, supreme and limitless
    Holy and sublime, with all my heart, so
    do I believe read more »

    Tevfik Fikret
  • 223.
    Believe in me?

    If I told you I tried real hard
    would you believe me?
    If I spoke to you about how I feel
    would you believe me? read more »

    Angelic Warrior
  • 224.
    Do you believe me? (ii)

    If I say I am a king
    You will not believe
    If I say I am the poor of the poorest
    You may believe in. read more »

    Abdul Wahab
  • 225.

    Don't give up,
    Believe it can happen.
    Don't be sad,
    Believe it will work out. read more »

    charlotte harris
  • 226.
    The Lie

    I don't believe in fame, I want to believe in music.
    I don't believe in money, I want to believe in the power of love.
    But how is that possible in this age? read more »

    Martin Holm Sjölin
  • 227.


    The question asked in order
    To save her life or take it read more »

    Alexandria Rios
  • 228.
    Do You Believe?

    Do you believe in,
    love at first sight?
    Do you believe,
    dark things roam in the night? read more »

    Sami Woodall
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