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Poems About: BELIEVE

In this page, poems on / about “believe” are listed.

  • 265.

    Belief is a very powerful thing
    No matter what it is you believe in
    Belief can carry you very far
    When you have belief read more »

    Vermell Hewlett
  • 266.
    Oyi Mi Canto

    Oye mi canto
    Hear my voice
    Know that I am still here
    Not so very far away read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 267.
    I believed

    I believed in the one perfect moment
    Sweet friendship arriving gently with spirit
    lasting, true and free read more »

    Oussama samouna
  • 268.

    I believe you will come back
    Even though you left so long ago
    Vowing never to return
    And cursing your homeland read more »

    Sarah Child
  • 269.
    I Love You

    You whisper those three small words softly
    As you pull my body closer to yours
    More then anything, I want to believe that it's true
    I want to believe a part of you cares read more »

    Stephanie Selleck
  • 270.
    My Believes

    I believe in the darkness of the night
    The black shadow on the wall
    The creaking of footsteps on the hard wooden floor
    The dark blood stain on the wall read more »

    katelin offord harper
  • 271.
    I Believe In Dreams

    I believe in dreams,
    The only light to a future,
    Not yet sure,
    Yet felt. read more »

    venessa ambrose
  • 272.

    I believe in the thought of learning from mistakes,
    The thought that love can hurt,
    The strength I have to survive,
    The way you can't control me forever, read more »

    Jennifer Cramer
  • 273.
    Is That Me

    Can be believed….
    Can be believed to think of you
    Can be believed to dream of you
    Can be believed what happened to me… read more »

    Sarah Hamid
  • 274.
    Once Upon A Time

    I believed in
    fairytales and
    happily ever afters
    and thought you read more »

    Marie Daniels
  • 275.
    Beleive It Or Not

    I know life is very tough,
    But that’s how it is,
    Struggling day & night,
    You either have to fight, read more »

    Jatin Tanwer
  • 276.
    Does God Believe In Some Atheists?

    atheists do not believe in God
    but does God believe in some atheists?
    to say God does not believe in
    specific individuals however bad read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
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