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Soul Transmigration - Poem by Raken Marimuthu

If the soul or atman is just consciousness
And if this consciousness is merely 'Being'
'Being' does not have second or third person
It is action less and is purest Absolute state
It has no beginning of what so ever and no end
How does the soul carry karma of one birth
To another birth so as to continue rebirth
To say death is a temporary sleep for the soul
It is only a transformation of the mortal frame
And this soul waits in the different subtle worlds
For the appropriate time to be born again
Bhagvan Ramana says that when the projector
Is focused on the scene you will see images
When not the screen remains imageless
Similarly when you associate yourself as 'I'
The ego will have impressions on the Soul
It is these impressions that find expressions
In your rebirth in the form that they were
When you drop the Ego and remain as 'Being'
At the time of birth you will not be born again
This is the purpose of life for which
We must understand the path of Ramana Maharshi
And practice Self enquiry 'Who am I? '
This will end the transmigration of the soul
9am, Friday 30 August 2013, Puchong
Raken Marimuthu

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