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Poems About: BIRTH

In this page, poems on / about “birth” are listed.

  • 217.
    Liberated Soul

    Momentary liberation
    The death gives the soul
    Predestined are all the carriers
    meant for the soul to live and dwell read more »

    Somanathan Iyer
  • 218.
    Earth Song

    From the beauty of the earth
    To the pangs of sweet nature's birth
    From the depths of the oceans deep
    To the mountains tall and steep. read more »

    David Wood
  • 219.
    Life Goes On

    Windmills gently pirouette
    Church bells long since tolled
    Clocks tick softly, marking time
    Hours and days unfold read more »

    Holly Jamestone
  • 220.
    To My Friends, -Birth Day Greetings.

    To My Friends, -Birth Day Greetings.

    On My Birth Day,
    From my heart I pay, read more »

    Bazi alis Subrata Ray
  • 221.
    World is a family

    The world is a family yet human race undergo a comedy
    People all over this world are closely related
    Not because all are humans but by other means
    Prior to this life many a births are taken by all read more »

    Somanathan Iyer
  • 222.
    Bondage and attachments

    Nature when created by God
    sought a camouflage called Illusion
    which forms the base for the
    cycle of births and deaths read more »

    Somanathan Iyer
  • 223.
    Five women are considered as a mother to everyone!

    The one who gave birth of self, wife of the elder brothers,
    the chaste wife of your teacher, the queen who lives
    with your king, the woman who gave birth of your wife;
    one can say the above said five women are to be read more »

    Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
  • 224.
    On Her Birth Day, -To My Great Nancy Langenwalter

    Birth in this earth is a chance given by God,
    And you dear me, by your love fulfill, read more »

    Bazi alis Subrata Ray
  • 225.

    Open eyes while seemingly asleep.
    Placenta does not move after birth.
    Where a mind is it's own after expansion.
    Try to close your eyes while awake with the fish. read more »

    Is It Poetry
  • 226.
    Ba: CV: 2nd Law of Thermodynamics -new-

    The warmth
    that concentrates at night
    gives birth to the sun, read more »

    douglas scotney
  • 227.
    Circling The Sun

    When the moon hits the earth
    It gives birth;
    To a night and we all lose sight. read more »

    General TripleD
  • 228.
    Four seasons in one day

    Four seasons in one day
    Rain and hail
    Icy winter gale
    Sunshine and warmth read more »

    black panther eyes eastick
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