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  • 205.
    Birthday Poem For My Angel Baby

    My child he has a birthday
    It marks another year
    No party or cake to celebrate
    for which I shed a tear
    My tears they fall in secret
    But my prayers are said aloud
    I hope the angels will celebrate
    High up in the clouds
    Its true my baby only spent
    Two days upon the earth
    But forever he will be my child
    And I'll celebrate his birth
    And although it seems this year may bring
    less tears than years before
    I have had to learn to be more strong
    so I can smile about him more
    I will light a candle for my boy
    as a symbol of today
    A birthday for a five year old
    should never be this way
    If I'd a birthday wish to make
    you know what it would be
    to give my son a birthday kiss
    and hold him close to me
    To not know this pain, I may have wished
    But only for a day
    those special days I spent with him
    I would never wish away
    Jan 2009 read more »

  • 206.
    Happy Occasions

    Today is special
    For one her birthday for the
    Other his wedding read more »

  • 207.
    Happy Birthday To a Special Friend

    Happy birthday my best friend
    Amazing times, we always spend.
    Laughter and jokes are common place,
    Since we built that solid base. read more »

  • 208.
    Happy Birthday, Adriana

    At a birthday party
    half past the hour
    in another state
    I watch the pizza read more »

  • 209.

    Happy birthday,
    celebrate today.
    Enjoy to the fullest today. read more »

  • 210.
    Grandma Kay’s 95th Birthday

    Grandma Kay just turned ninety five,
    on her birthday in 2009.
    In her nursing home her family was there,
    Watching her blew out birthday candle without a care. read more »

  • 211.
    Birthday Poem

    I remember a young boy once envious
    cried out, on seeing his sisters
    birthday card,
    'there's only one number on mine'. read more »

  • 212.
    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, I wish you a good one.
    Happy Birthday. I wish I was there with you
    Happy Birthday, To the awesome person in the world
    Happy Birthday, To the person that was on this special day read more »

  • 213.
    Birthday Wishes

    When it is someone’s birthday,
    It is good to give them birthday wishes.
    It makes them feel good to have those wishes.
    When it is time to make a wish, you think of what you want as your wish, then blow out the candle. read more »

  • 214.
    Birthday Wish

    a birthday wish my bithday wish,
    is to make love with the man i love,

    a birthday kiss with passion and,
    tenderness, read more »

  • 215.
    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to us
    Two souls sharing eternity
    Never to dry by drought like grass,
    Of shallow roots growing in infertility read more »

  • 216.
    Maria And Victoria Play Date

    Excited to see me they waited anxiously by door,
    within minutes a make believe land was on the floor.
    Maria hid Razel right away, hiding her for the rest of the day.
    Then of course Victoria would play, read more »

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