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Poems About: BIRTHDAY

In this page, poems on / about “birthday” are listed.

  • 277.
    Too much ado about birthdays? ? ?

    .i had experience bdays...

    on a hospital corridor... read more »

    villiamor calventas
  • 278.
    To eyan, the love doctor

    you inspired me in all the things that i do....there are times you seem like a stranger to me..and sometimes you're a friend..everytime i smile, you smile too.but.i don't know why you always hurt it real or just to make a story..lately, u said you're goin..where or why'..a..a..i don't need the answer.. i'm glad we become friends, coz you are nice..a true friend understands each other's feelings., , i never lie, pa mu ti? ...that word will remain always in me..i will not forget that...hope in time of your absence here, you will not forget us..we are your true friends..i am one of them of course..i have a poem for you..and always always remember this...

    24/7, you're a part of me
    you're words are always in my mind read more »

    lady grace
  • 279.
    Happy Birthday Wish

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
    From the famed framed sunrise
    The one and only immortal one
    Who spun every gem beyond the Sun read more »

    Leaking Pen
  • 280.
    Liam's Birthday Wish

    Don't want money for my birthday mum buy me a mouse instead
    I'll keep him in a little cage on floor beside my bed
    I haven't had a pet for years since my last mouse passed away
    And I would appreciate a mouse this year for my birthday. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 281.
    Happy Birthday to a very special person

    It is your birthday
    and on this day
    I want you to know that
    you are a very read more »

    Damn Angel
  • 282.
    Happy birthday papa...

    I thank God for giving me a sweet and loving papa

    Today is your 50th birthday that means so much to me read more »

    Ravi Sathasivam
  • 283.
    BirthDay - Birthday Appreciation

    Each year your birthday reminds me
    That I really want to say read more »

    Shashidhar Kumar
  • 284.
    For A Special Aunt

    I'm sending a special thought that's true
    Because dear Aunt I love you

    For you hold important place in my heart read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 285.
    Happy 7th Birthday Daniel

    Today is your birthday my dear son
    I wish you lots of joy and fun

    And wish may God open doors of heaven read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 286.

    Birthdays are just so special,
    And they are so much fun,
    You can have a good party,
    And invite everyone, read more »

    Olivia Taylor
  • 287.
    Birthday Blessings

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings,
    As your birthday nears. read more »

    surya raman
  • 288.
    Happy Birthday

    The wind swayed the tree gently
    The tree whispered to me, hey!
    Celine is celestial by birth
    She was born today read more »

    Persian Nightingale
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