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Poems About: BROTHER

In this page, poems on / about “brother” are listed.

  • 325.

    United by decay

    Men without shadows read more »

    Ilham Ahmed
  • 326.
    My Brother and I.

    Falling through memory's wide open window,
    Hitherto kept tightly closed.
    I'm flying away into chilhood experience
    Where, brother and I were supposed read more »

    Fay Slimm
  • 327.
    Watching Over You

    Its difficult to observe you rise,
    Surveying the human being you desire to be,
    Watching you exchange blows with your painful grief, read more »

    Daniel Caldera
  • 328.
    To All My Brothers And All My Sisters

    I’m walking out alone around the city streets
    Thinking aloud why we are all one, but none in the same instant heartbeat
    I’m not ashamed of what I am, I've had my bruises and brakes I’m also covered in scars
    But still I sit her calling you all my brothers and my sisters, read more »

    Daniel Richards
  • 329.
    In Big Brother's Eyes

    You hang in there in life's battle though the going for you is tough
    But to say the least you feel sad to know you are not good enough
    To be rated by Big Brother as one who has achieved
    For being a battler recognition as of yet you've not received read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 330.
    The Love of A Sister

    My little baby brother
    Born the last of three
    March 16th,1976
    That's what that date would be read more »

    Denise Clark
  • 331.
    My strenth

    My Strength

    Oh Brother! you are my strength!
    Your smile gives me the power to survive read more »

    Pratisha Karki
  • 332.
    Brother The Class Clown!

    Brother The Class Clown!
    By Lori Triggs
    Copyrighted May 8 2006 read more »

    Lori Triggs
  • 333.
    I have a brother

    I have a brother
    Perhaps from the same mother
    Perhaps from the same father
    Sometimes I wonder read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 334.
    sisters and brothers

    I wish I had a sister, who would be there all the time
    I wish I had a brother, who would be all mine
    I wish I wasnt alone anymore just as I am
    so mabey I need to take a stand read more »

    jamika Eichelberger
  • 335.
    Be Yourself by Fritzgerald Paul

    Brothers and sisters have you ever wondered why do we kill one another?
    Is it because each one of us want to be on top like oil on water?
    Or is it because we like to watch one another suffer
    Brothers and sisters please be yourself read more »

    Fritzgerald Paul
  • 336.
    a random plea

    A Random Plea
    By, Demon

    Tie them up in the night, read more »

    Demon Elwin
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