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Victorian Complexity - Poem by Justin Reamer

My brother is my brother,
He is of the same blood,
He is my brethren,
And he is of my kinship,
And he is my little bro,
And he is mostly my best friend.

My brother is mostly my best friend,
Since we are of the same blood,
And we spend more time together,
Than we do any of our friends.
I always look out for my brother,
Since he is of my kinship,
And he sometimes looks out for me,
Usually when he's in a good mood.

Yet, there is something strange about him,
Which I cannot understand,
It's like he has two personalities,
Or when the mysterious mood swings kick in.

One moment, he'll be happy,
And he'll be funny, quiet, and calm,
The next, he will be sad,
And quite down in the dumps,
And then he will be angry,
Insulting, abrasive, and impertinent.

I do not understand it,
But it's something that's complex,
Sigmund Freud hinted it,
And the Victorian writers have brought
It into perspective of every sort.

All the Victorian writers
Hinted at Sean's moodiness
That yet remains a mystery
To every one of us.

Robert Louis Stevenson
used the two-faced personality
And it relates to Sean's mystery,
If you look quite closely.
Dr Jekyll is Sean's happy side,
For he is joyous and pure of heart,
And has every good intention,
But Mr Hyde is Sean's ugly side,
For he is careless and mean,
And rotten and fowl.
Long John Silver is also is also like him,
A rotten man with a heart,
And yet, they are both alike,
For whatever reason unknown.

Edgar Allan Poe,
Also relates to my brother,
Some of his characters were two-faced,
As Sean is right now.

The same goes for Charles Dickens,
Who used many of Sean's traits, too,
And it is still inexplicable,
For nothing can be found.

I still do not understand this,
Why my brother acts this way,
So let me give you the Victorian description,
To soothe your dismay.

Sean can be very happy,
And he can be fun and talkative,
And gregarious and hilarious.
Everybody likes his behaviour, this,
And it is quite pleasant,
Sean is a good converser,
And a good joke cracker, at that.

Then there's the negativity,
When my brother quite explodes,
He becomes mean,
Insulting everyone,
Making fun of them,
And demeaning them.

The Victorian writers described this,
And Freud called it bipolarity,
But I don't know if this is right,
But then, I don't know for sure.
I'll never understand his behaviour,
And I'll never know why,
But I will tell you one thing,
I prefer Dr Jekyll instead of Mr Hyde.

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