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  • 73.
    Brother Brother

    Brother Brother
    Please Come Back Home
    I Wish We All Would Have Known
    Brother Brother
    Why Arent You Here?
    You Diddnt Have Anything To Fear
    Things Would Have Gotten Better
    Throught This Past Painful Year
    You Took Your Own Life Brother
    Just Like So Many Others
    Your Family Just Looks At Pictures And Has To Stare
    Thats The Only Way We See You And Its Just Not Fair
    We All Miss Your Big Smile
    That You Had On Your Face Every Day
    I Love You Sister
    The Words You Said Every Single Day
    I Miss The Way You HUgged Me
    The Way You Would Always Be There
    Now Once Again All I Do Is sit and Stare read more »

  • 74.
    For Bill - My Brother

    Who was aged five when I was born
    My brother
    Who hid my toys and broke my dolls
    My brother read more »

  • 75.
    Last Goodbyes

    The hand of time
    Held my tears in check
    As I remembered the day
    We received news of my brother’s death…so many years ago…. read more »

  • 76.
    My Brother and I.

    Falling through memory's wide open window,
    Hitherto kept tightly closed.
    I'm flying away into chilhood experience
    Where, brother and I were supposed read more »

  • 77.
    The Palatine

    'Have you been with the King to Rome,
    Brother, big brother?'
    'I've been there and I've come home. read more »

  • 78.
    Brothers, Sisters

    I don’t care what skin you’re in
    You’re my brother
    And I love you read more »

  • 79.
    Lines on A.B

    When we went down to London in midst of the champaign
    A brother looked at me as though I had been Cain,
    And in a voice of thunder, as I sat at the table,
    He fiercely asked of me 'where is your Brother Abel?' read more »

  • 80.
    my brother

    My Brother is ther one who helps me up when i have fallen.
    My brother is the one who is always saying no he cant be your boyfriend.
    My brother is the one who sticks up for me.
    My brother is the first one to fight for me. read more »

  • 81.
    Brother, Brother

    Brother, Brother
    thank you for being there
    for me
    I know sometimes I want read more »

  • 82.
    Ice Cream Hair

    My mom's hair is made of Chocolate Ice Cream.
    My dad's hair is made of Mint Ice Cream.
    My sister's hair is made of Vanilla Ice Cream.
    My halve sister's hair is made of Strawberry Ice Cream. read more »

  • 83.
    Funeral march

    march my soldiers march!
    today is that day
    feel like its you who died
    for the best of us has left read more »

  • 84.

    The beginnings of wars begun.
    Brother slew brother, mankind undone.
    Crying blood of centuries of wars.
    Mimics the first, done without a gun. read more »

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