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Coma - Poem by Twisted Moon

There once was a boy with a dirty green hat
He was shy and he was quiet and lonely at that
He had no one to talk to and no place to call home
No matter where he went and what he did, he was always alone
He longed for friends but nobody cared
He was an oddball you see, everyone stared
He was different and he got beat up at school
The one girlfriend he ever had played him for a fool
He’d go to his stepfather for advice on how to fit in
The man would say just get laid all you can and play to win
At the age of 11 the boy already knew
He would always be alone in this world and there was nothing he can do

Time went by and this kid got older
Still quiet and shy but his heart grew colder
He had a little brother that everybody loved
Why was he so accepted? And the shy boy so shoved?
The family and the neighbors all loved the little brother
And so did the boy, more than any other
At the same time he was filled with jealousy and hate
Why was his life so terrible, and his brothers so great?
Hoping people would care, the boy ran away
He figured he hated his life and the people had to pay
He got a job on a boat and made quite a life
Finally things were okay, no more hate, no more strife

Five years later he looks back at what he left
Finds out his brother has since been imprisoned for theft
Finds out the brother hates everyone he meets
Finds out the brother hangs himself with his sheets
Finds out his mom had 8 more kids
Finds out she never got over what he did
Finds out his stepfather now works at a gas station
Finds out he has a warrant out for sexual accusations
Finds out his ex-girlfriend is now pregnant and alone
Finds out she’ll do anything just to get a bone
Finds out that in every possible way
He really did make every one pay

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