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A Requiem To Dear Brian And Nathan - Poem by Steve Trimmer

Reft am I, lamenting heart
To recall the lost life of my brother Brian
To recall the lost life of my nephew Nathan
Fain, I reminisce the effulgence of my loved ones
Yet, they`re souls hath been blighted....................I repine

My little brother, whom I`ve loved since his birth
My little brother, whom I wast to protect
My little brother, my best friend
My little brother, Brian The Strong.................

In dree, I suffer plaintively......................Rout I Feel

Brian The Strong, true Son of Tuireann
What cocophany hath befell upon thee that day?
What froward lubber crossed thy path?
To besmirch thee, rending our family asunder
Brian who wast erstwhile so gone
Nathan who wast a fine boy so gone
Ne`er to return..........We, piqued and doleful

My heart, in fen, so disquiet.............heart o` flotsam
Pledge fealty to my loved ones lost

Brian, a prodigious father and gone
Brian, whom I couldst depend on gone
Brian, a loving son, grandson, gone

For no recompense of gauds or mintage couldst assuage our melancholy

Oft times, I see Brian and Nathan whilst in dreamings
On Imrammic reveries, I see the twain, father and son;

With Aegis amidst Elysian Fields
With Eurynome at Olympia`s base
With Hecate, Labrys that She wields
With Branwen in Her Lady`s Lake

In parley we engage, away from periphery of Temporal Realms
Bedlam or lucidity? ......................... I ne`er to behest
For The Lady Aegis is our guide, She who betakes us
Aniconic or of flesh, The Megatheria begird
O Great Muses of The River Styx......................They sing

Oh brothers, thou art rout
For eternal life is nigh
This laconic incantation shout
When landing on far river side...............'For Love, For Dis'

My lads, veracious words we speak
For Dis be not Hades-Pluto
For Dis is Lady Bane Moon, thou seek
Hecate of Hera`s Trio

Devoid of trepidation, my loved ones opt
To tarry with The Dryads, in The Elysian Fields
Or journey to The Garden of Hesperides
Or swim with The Nymphs at Isle of Avalon
Where The Three Daughters render their succour and guardianship

For temporal measure is illusory................

Their energies accessed by Chimeric visions.......and The Muses

.........................paths cross

To Brian and Nathan with Love
Atropos of The Fates, hath beget Her shears.........much to soon
Clotho The Moerae hadst only..............just spun thread
Oh Lachesis.......................who`s measure is short!
I bewail! ...............Thou hast taken our stalwart two

To my little brother and his bantling, I shalt wait for thee
At the bournes of Arboreal Rhymes
In the dells of Sacred Trees
Seek The Lunar Hind, to find, the versifier that is me

Sleep well Brian and Nathan, thy barrows bedewed in Love

We bid thee vale

Comments about A Requiem To Dear Brian And Nathan by Steve Trimmer

  • Rookie Deanna Burns (10/9/2007 8:55:00 PM)

    A beautiful tribute - in our heart always 3, although now it's 2.
    Two members gone forever.
    With Love Always, Deanna. (Report) Reply

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