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Damon Salvatore - Poem by Shahista swellam

I once got obsessed about a an awesome male vampire,                     
That  would have put any girl on great deep fire.
He had silky black hair, that was soft like feathers,
With dark, but changing, eyes that was full of treasures
High cheek bones lied proudly on his pale face,
One that’s full grace, that would put a panther in disgrace.
Now comes, a sensuous, devilish upper lipped smile,
That makes a heart go wild and shivers run down the spine.
A loner at face, one would say, a typical bad boy personality,
Heartbroken and shattered, his soul still waits for serenity.
  A romance it was, so beautiful and strong,
He wanted her forever, and thought it would last long.
She on the other hand, was in love with another man,
It happened to be the brother, and she had an evil plan.
She was a vampire, and so she wanted them to be,
“To live together forever”, but that, they couldn’t foresee.
Furious, they fought, brother to brother and blood to blood,
One could have seen nothing, but the anger that flood.
For that she committed suicide, or at least it seemed so,
Later the brother she loved started to let go.
The other handsome brother was in love and pain,
She died, yet her memories would forever remain.
145 years passed by, suddenly she appeared once more,
Oh! she faked her death! I wondered what she was back for.
“Revenge” it was, from the brothers who -to her-didn’t appreciate her gift,
And mainly from the one she loved, to make his relation with her doppelganger apart drift.
He, the other brother, wanted to ask about their love affair,
But to ask such a deep hurting question, he couldn’t dare.
To her, he was nothing more than a pet for her game,
Betrayal and jealousy prevailed in their house since she first came.
Bitterly he said: “Katherine”..“yes damon”..“go to hell”,
And out of my bleeding heart, you’ve already fell.
His soul penetrated his sadness through his eyes,
He’d been betrayed all his life, and lived nothing but lies.
He cared for those people he supposedly hate,
His heart to bleed for love, that was his fate.
Behind his soul hid the suffer he didn’t want to show,
But I know that deep inside he wasn’t the one he had to draw.
For you, DAMON SALVATORE, I wrote this
I wish, I could seal it with a passionate kiss.

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