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Little Green Men - Poem by Brian Hayden

Little Green Men

I lay in the sand gazing at the stars through glassy eyes
Sound has been taken, stolen away, pain is no more
As I start to fade into a sea of unknown darkness
My eyes finally close

I am moving, though I know not how, fear has overcome me
Eyes still shut I dare not open
This world I’m in makes no since for I am here
But have not taken a single breath

Peaceful melody the sun is shining
I hear two little boys one laughing one crying
Eyelids creep open, one than another
Two little boys surrounded by little green men
Some held pistols and others had rifles

I know these boys! The one laughing is me
My little green men were victorious that day
They fought the evil army of my brother John K.
He cries, I laugh and say

War is for the strong and keen of heart
You are dead, all of your men are Dead, Dead, Dead
I don’t want to die big brother why must I die
This game of War is not fair I don’t wanna Die.

Gasping and wheezing, blood in my eyes
I lay in the sand gazing at the sky
Pain has returned, and I hear every scream.

Off in the distance a voice i know well yells out
I don’t want to die big brother why must I die!
Why, Why, Why big brother, why must I die!

I brought him to war, a game all I thought
Little green men danced in my head
Fun and adventure was all that I sought
Now I lay here alone, my men their all dead

War is for the strong and keen of heart

I lay and laugh for what else to do
Cry then die, littlle brother ill see you soon

Little green men danced in my mind
I love you Little Brother, we both lost this time

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