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  • 313.

    they have potentials
    they have perspectives
    they have dreams
    we don't

    they are possibilities
    we are not

    they are able to crawl
    they crawl
    we don't have the right to
    we don't even have the right to burst into despair
    or to degenerate
    we should be terrified
    in our sentence

    bumming ideas of butterflies
    we could be
    look through the mirror
    and cherish your wings
    before you see them uprooted
    too thin, they rive
    too wide, they cover the light
    of the sunburn

    Butterflies we are
    we live one day
    we die
    the another
    our life expectancy is too short
    but yet
    insatiable as we are
    we wake the other day
    from our brief demise
    and we endeavor to crawl again

    then wishing to be butterflies again

    We could compromise
    with being pre-butterflies
    only because we can live in a cocoon for a while
    we have learnt to live in a cocoon
    with the hope that it will pop one day
    and as the cocoon tears apart we will emerge as butterflies

    craving the day to form into butterflies
    the day we will be butterflies
    to live one day
    that is our dream
    to live once
    and die the next

    Hidden in our cocoons

    Lurking in our cocoons
    Lurking in ourselves
    then wishing to be butterflies again
    but we are not
    because we can't be caterpillars. read more »

  • 314.
    Beware of the Butterflies

    Beware of the butterflies
    for they may sting
    They may appear beautiful
    but have poison-tipped wings read more »

  • 315.

    On a horrid summer's day I seclude myself away,
    Only to be drawn out to the light by nature at play,
    Butterfly oh Butterfly carelessly fluttering by,
    Your elegant dance entrances the innocence in me, read more »

  • 316.
    A Butterfly Flaps Inside

    A visitor from heaven
    Has made me its home
    A butterfly flaps inside… read more »

  • 317.
    The Butterfly

    A single butterfly,
    One mere butterfly,
    Whizzes into my net.
    A rare one indeed. read more »

  • 318.
    My Butterfly

    My little butterfly
    So fragile In your flight
    In your summer sky
    Or In the cool velvet night read more »

  • 319.
    A Poem For Anna

    Anna Marie O Sullivan I could see tomorrow in your eyes
    I could see a future from our very first line
    I could see our cocoon release our butterfly in time read more »

  • 320.
    The Quiet Butterfly

    The Quiet Butterfly,
    Was All Alone,
    Sitting in Her Cocoon,
    As She had Grown, read more »

  • 321.
    Chasing Butterflies

    I keep on chasing butterflies
    They never come to me
    My heart is always breaking
    but no one's around to see read more »

  • 322.
    A bad stuff for good gossip!

    I am the talk of the town
    for some good and bad reasons.
    I keep climbing up to high peaks
    and in the plain I play with butterflies! read more »

  • 323.
    Beauty and the Butterfly

    A butterfly
    Arduously flies
    From bough to a sprig
    A broken wing enervates read more »

  • 324.
    My new butterfly

    My new butterfly

    Waiting on your convenience
    Committed to your colors read more »

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