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Poems About: BUTTERFLY

In this page, poems on / about “butterfly” are listed.

  • 61.

    A butterfly comes into view. She smiles as she flaps her wings.
    Her colors flowing in the wind. In her brilliance I am happy.

    O butterfly, beautiful butterfly. read more »

    Brenos Spider
  • 62.
    XIǍ O HÚDIÉ...XIǍ O GŪ AIGŪ AI (Little Butterfly...Little Sweetie)

    The stars
    finding it hard

    to keep their eyes read more »

    Dónall Dempsey
  • 63.
    The Butterfly

    there was once a beautiful butterfly,
    it would flutter its perfectly patterned,
    wings high in the blue open sky.
    every other butterfly would cry out, read more »

    Not Long Left
  • 64.
    Butterfly Pig

    Butterfly Pig
    by Ted L Glines

    Ah, the strange and elusive read more »

    Ted L Glines
  • 65.
    Where The Butterflies Go

    Fluttering gracefully, without making a sound.
    Higher and higher the butterflies are bound.
    Wing's floating lightly, on the crisp air.
    Fluttering wing's bigger, than butterflies body. read more »

    Pearletta Pate
  • 66.
    A Butterfly

    A butterfly so bueatiful
    flying around in the garden.
    It love the flowers
    Yellow read more »

    Rikki Dolphin
  • 67.
    Butterfly, Butterfly

    Butterfly, Butterfly
    flew so high.
    Butterfly, Butterfly
    caught my eye. read more »

    Eve Walker
  • 68.
    No Mind

    With no mind, flowers lure the
    With no mind, the butterfly visits
    the blossoms. read more »

    Taigu Ryokan
  • 69.
    Murder Butterfly

    The rainy, watery day
    Frolicking in the bleeding sky
    'Haha', we say
    Playing with my murder butterfly read more »

    Phil Kellogg
  • 70.

    You were sent down from above
    To fill my world with joy and Happiness
    To take away all my anger and sadness
    And to fill my heart with love read more »

    Kelli D. Williams
  • 71.
    Butterfly Dream

    Once in my dream I became a butterfly
    Over the flowers happily I flied
    Resting on a flower drank I its juice
    Shifting from one to another till belly was full read more »

    Han Min Ohn
  • 72.
    beautiful butterflies

    butterflies so beautiful
    delicate and nice
    in myriad of colors
    they descend in droves read more »

    vijay menon
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