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Dear Mr. Butterfly - Poem by Jessica Lowe

As I sit in my thought filled anxiety
I caught a glimpse of that wonderful serenity
Weaving through all the greenery, that was drenched in sunlight
I saw a butterfly mid flight.

No worries, No care, just flying through the air
Just seeming at peace like now my thoughts seem to be,
Oh why, oh why can’t that butterfly be me?
He’s so beautiful, so gracious and free.
Free form the troubles and stresses that life seems to be

Oh dear Mr. Butterfly,
Can you teach me a thing or two?
About how not to worry, be peaceful and true.
Because right at the moment there’s nothing I want more,
Then to close that old door.

Now you see Mr. Butterfly
That I’m in a bit of a rut,
Oh with how much I want to there’s always that but.
That but that always seems to linger about,
It makes me want to scream and shout!

No matter how much I try to defend,
I always seem to make it offend,
But you know what?
I don’t give a stuff!
Yet…there it is again, that but,
That has put me into this rut.

Oh Mr. Butterfly
What can I do? !
It won’t be too long,
But I wont be too soon,
Until all of those worries and stresses are back
And they’ll come hit me with one big SMACK!

Oh what will be next?
They’ll lock me in chains?
Treat me like and animal hidden behind a cage?
It won’t be that easy to push me back into the scenery.
If you think I won’t fight,
Then you’ve got another thing coming
And I suggest that you should start running,
Because I wont back down!

Oh wait Mr. Butterfly
Now wont you come back?
I wanted to thank you for stopping my night turn to black.
Yet even though the sky has gotten darker,
It seems my thoughts have become much lighter.

Thank you Mr. Butterfly
You’re a really good listener,
You’ve made me feel a whole lot blisser.
Now as I head back inside I will say,
Goodbye Mr. Butterfly
One last time.

Comments about Dear Mr. Butterfly by Jessica Lowe

  • Rookie - 40 Points Ashraful Musaddeq (6/8/2009 6:48:00 AM)

    An excellent poem.
    Your idea/imagination is expressed to Mr. Butterfly.
    Nice form is used,10+++ (Report) Reply

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