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Butterfly - Poem by Manauwer Raza

as fragile as a butterfly wing
as swiftly blown away
my memories take flight at times
sail to some distant bay

yet, now and then they gently light
within my broken head
and with a dust-covered fluttering
they bring me peace, instead

sweet memories and sense of joy
and sorrow or of unhappiness
of all thoughts and colorful wisdom
flutter my butterfly in oneness

and in a moment they're here
and the next, then they're gone again
so if my mind seems so far away
while yours is focused on me, its all in vain

don't make it a moment that spoils your whole day
let it go, set your butterflies free and howl
for I remember Love, Passion and Relish
and it may feed and fuel my breached soul

I feel it in a smiling face, not to lie, in you
a hand in mine sweetness, showing me the way
a caring word, a warm embrace, a touch of happiness
these are the memories of each new day

and even if that memory, should simply flutter by
I'll catch it, maybe, later, talk to it and say
when it comes by you my Butterfly
I so much miss you, and I don't want you to go away

Love has many faces, Love is many things
I am not asking you to keep me as beloved as your love
but help me find the beautiful wings, make me alive
find me the colors of life, the gloss of my throve

and when you see me crying, my butterfly
why don't you come to me, hide me in your wings
say me in my eyes, you are not alone and wipe my tears
hold me close to you and whisper many a things

but instead, you fly away and see me lament
you know, I am not alright, I am so lost in my shell
I always have so much to speak in grief
and you have so many honest things to tell

I wonder my butterfly, if you feel the same
to hold you, caress you and make you feel ease
let you out in the world, help you see the flowers
collect the nectars and with breeze run with the bees

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