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Poems About: CANDY

In this page, poems on / about “candy” are listed.

  • 217.
    This Mummy Is Ready

    There's one day a year
    That I'm allowed to beg for treats.
    My dog does it all the time.
    It's amazing how much he eats. read more »

    Bruce Larkin
  • 218.
    Escaping Reality

    Everyone has their own way
    of escaping the tortures of life
    Some write, some daydream, some listen to the music of today
    These tools bring pleasure in repelling read more »

    Sky McCoy
  • 219.
    Coke balls

    Please, listen everybody
    I want to tell you about a candy
    That I bought today
    And I call this “Coke Balls” and it will make you say read more »

    Monino Martin
  • 220.
    To My Forever Valentine

    One day is not enough to express my love for you
    So too, my love, February is too short a month,
    I would need forever and a day to master this love -
    Eternity to cherish, caress and care for you. read more »

    Leslie Alexis
  • 221.
    Maple Lives

    This yellow sweet anthem of spring is nearing
    Sung and played by the Green Mistress's steering
    Of mated birds and collected hives
    This busy song, her ode to maple lives. read more »

    Masiela Lusha
  • 222.
    ** My Neighbor, Less Than Two **

    Like a miniature clown across the street
    You can't help but love him-he's awfully sweet
    It's hard to fault him, he's less than two
    Full of chuckles and devilment, his name's Andrew read more »

    Ray Andrews
  • 223.
    A Healthier Easter

    This is the first Easter
    No candy baskets will be here
    But we had so many baskets
    Each and every year. read more »

    Connie Webb
  • 224.
    The Candy Was Sweet

    Innocently trusting, she approached the car.
    This sweet little girl of nine.
    O, the pity, mother never explained,
    strangers can be unkind! A piece of candy, is all it took, read more »

    William Roseboro Sr.
  • 225.

    I linger in the doorway
    Of alarm clock screaming
    Monsters calling my name
    Let me stay read more »

    Adam Zank
  • 226.
    Childless With Child

    You, doe eyed, those lashes
    Hand grabbing them up
    Like a miner's gold dust
    Scratched up little red car read more »

    Cin Sweet Fields
  • 227.

    I was struggling with my pant,
    And a candy in my hand.
    My mother ran behind,
    As my father acted blind. read more »

    Abhishek Pandey
  • 228.
    All Hallows Evening

    Halloween, it’s not for kids, it is communing with the dead,
    It is not necessarily the Satan’s tool per se,
    Because Satan has found daily when he can emerge, that being said,
    Bite size candy, apples, and money maker for kids to dress up and play, read more »

    Joe Rosochacki
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