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Poems About: CAR

In this page, poems on / about “car” are listed.

  • 217.
    Margret's Smile

    Margret's rearview mirror rosary swayed,
    as her wrinkled car filed into the lot,
    falling in step to the airy chant
    of those black crows atop the belfry. read more »

    Jacob Bearer
  • 218.
    The Awful Dance (Revised)

    I changed into a road-hog today, became guilty
    when a black car swept into the right lane where
    I drove peacefully in a Zen trance - then slowed,
    other cars passed on the left, this unleashed my read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 219.
    Shimmering Heat Wave

    It is a hot day with a hot north-easterly
    wind blowing along the highway. The
    sun bounces off cars windscreens
    giving a look as if the cars have their read more »

    Jerry Behr Number 2
  • 220.
    The unsaid

    The Unspoken

    The old man stopped his battered car at
    a beauty spot’s parking lot, divorced and read more »

    oskar hansen
  • 221.
    ~A Tender Moment At The Supermarket~

    Sitting there watching them
    they had no idea
    they were such an inspiration
    so comfortable with eachother. read more »

    Mary Nagy
  • 222.
    Day From Hell

    Today has been the day from hell
    I'm sure there will be more
    The car broke down in the middle of the road
    And we don't know what for. read more »

    Dianna Nally
  • 223.
    Never say never

    Her voice breaks on a complaint
    She was furiously mad and yet she wanted to plant a sweet kiss on him
    She watched him yell enraged read more »

    tiffany fawcett
  • 224.
    We Should Be More Like Davies

    We ought to be more like the great poet William Henry Davies take time to stand and stare
    Instead we worry about life and hurry here and there
    We stress about our jobs and about our bills to pay
    And yet we're getting older and our time clock ticks away. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 225.
    On the way to Uniondale

    One stormy Easter weekend
    while I was driving on route sixty-two,
    I found a beautiful girl
    next to the road read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 226.
    Car Washers (Fun Poem 34)

    You pull into a car park
    and they spring out of nowhere.
    “Do you want your car washed
    while you’re doing your shopping? read more »

    David Harris
  • 227.

    To the memory of the Rhodesian Helicopter Pilots and
    the 20mm cannon Gunner.Two men one helicopter;
    known as K-car…..Killer-car.
    A formidable force in the Rhodesian Bush War. read more »

    Alf Hutchison
  • 228.

    This place is the darkest of dark and the blackest of black
    as I look all around after just reversing back.
    I parked here because it’s usually a secure well lit car park,
    but the lights are off and I’m in the dark. read more »

    Orlando Belo
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