In this page, poems on / about “car” are listed.

  • 265.
    Fasten for Foot

    The nanny state makes riders wear
    Seat belts while riding in a car.
    Some say drivers drive with less care,
    Feeling all smug and safe - bizarre! read more »

  • 266.
    Salami For A Horse

    Driving home from the man whose profession
    is to study people´s entrails, rice pudding he
    had said and no booze- and for this banality
    he charged me 80 euros; the car stopped and read more »

  • 267.
    Miss My Bro 'D'

    A few months gone by on this day,
    I cant stop thinking of that sad night,
    I drove up an seen the car upside down..
    I looked around an with sadness inside of me.i did not hear nothing at all.i ran to the car an seen the sadness of the damage. I fell to my knees crying out your name. No one there could feel my sadness inside of me. my heart went to my knees, my mind went crazy. read more »

  • 268.

    The car is becoming quite smart,
    And soon will be programmed to know
    Best in the nanny state of art,
    To give bad drivers punish woe. read more »

  • 269.
    Used Book Stores

    Into used books stores in the bosoms
    Of those mountains—I am finally going down,
    I am falling,
    As if into a movie theatre after it has been shut down— read more »

  • 270.
    The Toy Store

    The toys can move and be stable,
    But always kept wrapped in the shelves,
    Walking through the narrow lanes,
    Of the toy stores with colorful designs and odor, read more »

  • 271.
    Connecting Factor

    From my bedroom I rushed
    through the kitchen grabbing my
    lunch box
    I flipped open the door into the read more »

  • 272.
    road trip

    You don't need the sprawl of the interstate, the odometer climbing
    and candy wrappers haloing your seat. You don't need toll booths and a pocket
    weighted with quarters. You don't need speed limits or state lines or a full
    tank of gas. You don't need to wait for solitude. You don't need to wait for sadness. read more »

  • 273.
    Les Trois Versants

    Fonctionnaires des trois versants
    Ils sont dans le champs de la
    Fonction publique
    Il en va de leurs grèves dures read more »

  • 274.
    Evil Incarnate In Her Eyes

    She hurt me bad, she made me sad, she broke my heart,
    she saw to it that she made me feel inferior, just as she
    preferred the company of her husband’s first wife to that
    of her twin sis, tonight her car broke down – again – we read more »

  • 275.
    Exonerated [REVISED]

    She’s exonerated and forgiven – now as we speak
    she’s at the bedside of a dying inmate in the old
    age home she once worked at; it doesn’t matter
    what her car breakdown-evening meant to me, read more »

  • 276.

    Elle est entrée dans une pièce
    En y respirant à peine, du fait
    De la douleur qui lui perçait
    La poitrine. A l'urgentiste, elle read more »

New Car Poems

  1. Dark night, Akhil Zoomin
  2. Automobile, Star E. Sky
  3. Being green, Gert Strydom
  4. East Or West, Saiom Shriver
  5. After the Ice Storm, Deborah Eker
  6. What I Own, Randy McClave
  7. Witness, Cyndi K. Gacosta
  8. The New Car., michael walker
  9. Car Wars, Harold R Hunt Sr
  10. Backed up for miles, Cyndi K. Gacosta
  11. Model A's (Poem), Doris Beaulieu
  12. Haiku...MEXICAN OUTRAGE, Ken e Hall
  13. Power of money, Somanathan Iyer
  14. Car is taking me, gajanan mishra
  15. if my car could run on pure water, Nikhil Parekh
  16. On The Highway A Female Traffic Cop Pull.., Gert Strydom
  17. On the Road., Stuart Miers
  18. See my car, gajanan mishra
  19. First day in the school, Bashyam Narayanan
  20. The Jailers Door, Nick krakana
  21. Family, Lila Holmes
  22. Complex, Nassy Fesharaki
  23. Automobile, Meredith Sheives
  24. Careless Drivers ?????? ??????, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  25. Tell the driver, gajanan mishra
  26. Looking For The Sky, gajanan mishra
  27. Song Of The Season, Palas Kumar Ray
  28. - So Many -, Aparna Chatterjee
  29. Kasturi's Car, Saiom Shriver
  30. Cars Past and Present, Roger Bussey
  31. Heavy Snow Fall, Haiku, S.D. TIWARI
  32. The Colour Of Cars, Paul Gerard Reed
  33. Scar, Pradip Chattopadhyay
  34. Winter Haiku for Pete Seeger, Chenou Liu
  35. Portrait Of A Motor Car, Carl Sandburg
  36. New Year, Charles Hice
  37. I Hope That’ll You Will Get a Charge Out.., Joe Rosochacki
  38. I have bought this car, gajanan mishra
  39. Headlights, Nicholas Peter
  40. Car is here, gajanan mishra
  41. Lyrics/Fast Car/ Tracy Chapman, Lilyann Monahan
  42. Cars, Diane Hine
  43. A Mother With A Purpose, Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu
  44. Whirrrrrrrr - Cars! ! !, Vera Sidhwa
  45. Traffic, Eric Niehoff
  46. Picture In The Moon's Wallet, John Courtney
  47. My car, gajanan mishra
  48. Adventure Part 2, Paula Glynn
  49. Marlowe, Marcel Aouizerate
  50. Nous aurons besoin de tout le monde, Marcel Aouizerate
  51. Car Festival - PURI, gajanan mishra
  52. Someone Is Always In Charge, RIC S. BASTASA
  53. A slow, otteri selvakumar
  54. On The Bus, To The Left, To The Right, Steven Harris
  55. Choice is Yours!, Geetha Jayakumar
  56. TWO SOULS TRAPPED, Christina C Sunrise
  57. A Law-abiding Car, Muhammad Shanazar
  58. If It Is Yours, gajanan mishra
  59. Cars and car parking, Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
  60. Parking Lot, Vera Sidhwa
  61. Traffic, Allen Steble
  62. Far too many enemies were coffined (Cate.., Gert Strydom
  63. Lone Car, Kelly Zion
  64. Lucre, Joshua Tesha
  65. Race, S.D. TIWARI
  66. The unsaid, oskar hansen
  67. Car, ajay srivastava
  68. Uptown, Morgan Michaels
  69. Rocket Race Car, chester wellborn
  70. the oncoming, oskar hansen
  71. SPECIAL DARSHAN, santhana louis
  72. Night watch, Gert Strydom
  73. I WAS HIT BY A CAR, Suzae Chevalier
  74. ANGELS SEND YOU LOVE, Suzae Chevalier
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