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Poems About: CAR

In this page, poems on / about “car” are listed.

  • 313.
    [Cerberus talks about cars he's going to buy]

    Cerberus talks about cars he's going to buy
    with the pursuit of the american dream,
    refrigerator, war on wars
    and gilded bricks of zest read more »

    Aaron Eliad
  • 314.

    I've resisted the intrusion
    of technology into my life —
    more than some,
    not as much as others, read more »

    Max Reif
  • 315.

    She goes with her new lover.
    An unpopular actor
    in a red colored racing car.
    On the way the police halted them read more »

    nimal dunuhinga
  • 316.
    Must Be Why There's No Catchin' Ben Slashin'

    Have you ever noticed the hobby of Ben Slashin'?
    Quick, look near those cars, did ya see his quick dashin'?

    Well, just look around, you'll see what he's been bashin', read more »

    Tony Avila Sampson
  • 317.
    i wanted you to know!

    I wanted you to know,
    that threw it all your where ill always go,
    your the only one that sticks by me everystep of the way,
    your always on my side, read more »

    Michelle Guza
  • 318.
    I Guess that I Should Have Died

    I guess that I should have died
    In the car accident so long ago
    And then they wouldn't have to bother
    With helping me out in life read more »

    Jerry Abrahamson
  • 319.

    WE need a car, to help us get around.
    WE need a car, to help us get around,
    couse theses legs are getting tired,
    and i dont want to walk no more. read more »

  • 320.

    On this very morning

    I can justify being late
    I was locked in traffic read more »

    Cokbod Lodwogo
  • 321.
    English Autumnal Traffic

    Headlights below cars do shine
    From the car following behind,
    On roads wet with morning rain,
    For the traffic dost flow slow again. read more »

    Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet
  • 322.
    There's something sexual about a yawn.

    It climaxes and goes nowhere
    but into the thin air.

    And I think the air keeps it, read more »

  • 323.
    the overpass, early morning

    a thousand white stars racing towards me
    a thousand red, falling away.
    these cars are no longer cars
    and i want to be apart of this read more »

    Riel Tizzano
  • 324.
    she was late

    I count the cars as they drive past the window
    Four blues since you said everything was fine
    The rain flows from the street into the gutters
    Over both the yellow broken lines read more »

    Ben Paynter
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